8-00   Old Coast Guard Radio Station NMF 

Here are a few recent shots of the Coast Guard Radio Station which has a rich history indeed. Radio Station 'NMF' filled a major roll in Maritime Communications safety of life at sea operations.

It now belongs to the town and its future use is as yet undecided.

nmfops.jpg (42229 bytes)    Here is the main operations building with a large windowless building attached to the rear.

 nmfgarage.jpg (66350 bytes)This is a 2 bay garage/workshop with overhead spaces 

   nmftower.jpg (39767 bytes)    Microwave tower

 nmfpoles.jpg (28870 bytes)This is remnants of the wire antenna support utility poles out in the marsh where the directional array pointed across the Atlantic to northern Europe. I worked this telegraph station often from the Sealand Galloway on the Rotterdam and Bremerhaven route. It was staffed by the crack Coast Guard troops of the day. More info is on the way.

Dave Riley - AA1A - 'Sparkasaurus' in Radio Free Marshfield... 

Visit the Coast Guard Radio Station Web site for more info.....

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Here are some feedback e-mails:

 Hi Dave: I just got  the letter of the old Radio Station Boston NMF  I was  stationed there and worked the CG, 500, HF AMVER you name it.  George  Manning, Al Krouser, Bob Flynn and myself are old retired Chiefs that were  stationed there and we still communicate by E Mail.  I still have an HF  receiver but alas I'm hard pressed to find any CW left on it.  George has  probably told you, we belong to Ex Coast Guard CW operators organization and  we keep in touch almost on a daily basis.  Many of the operators used to be  stationed at NMF in between our sea duty off and on.  We four chiefs were  stationed there before they added that extra room on the operations building.
  We didn't need the extra room back then, just a transmitter, couple of  receivers and a key/bug and we were in business.  I don't recognize the  second building.  Possibly made over from the 4 bay garage we had when we  were there.  It sure would be nice to restore the Operations Building back to  when we knew it but I guess the transmitters, receivers and positions have  long been scrapped.  Many thanks for making me recall some of the good times.


Dave,.. fb job on the NMF page ...... about 27 years ago we went in there for a CW test .... we had joined the CG reserve ...as a radio op 2nd class ...  we were just about 40 years old... they were desperate for radio ops ...and would take you on even at that age ..... to say the least !! ..  we spent two weeks on the CG Cutter Reliance out of Yorktown on drug interdiction ..  as a radio op.... did one SAR during that time ........but it was short lived ... we were supposed to be a radio op at NMF but the powers in Boston drafted me to their organization ...to do all sorts of other things ... like first aid training ... etc .. ...  we said no to that ... and quit ... you could do that ... it was "Try it .. you will like it" .... we did not ... and out ... lasted about 3 months .....  we were doing it to get the retirement benefits which were 3/4 of a full timer at age 65 ... !!   so the web page brought back some memories ......   monitoring 500 .. etc

..  73   Bob   K1VV-W1AA-W1BB    

* looks like the bureau lost another crack troop...ed..

8-00 Marshfield Earliest Town Hall ???

Here is a discovery that possibly goes way back to our early town government. The building is located behind the BridgeWaye Inn @ Humarock and is said to be the first Marshfield Town Hall.  We will try to gather more information on this site and make a page on www.radiocom.net/History

Thanks to Phil Shannon for the find.

The building was owned by George Dugan who had changed out the door and windows.  Bob Cheeseman is gathering facts about the place as to it's original site location and history.

townhall1.jpg (63558 bytes)       townhall2.jpg (79683 bytes)     townhall3.jpg (87375 bytes)

The pix on the left was taken through the fence at the BridgeWay Inn

The next two are from in back of the B'Way going up towards Preston Terrace

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