To The Class of 42, We'll Love You forever... We REALLY need your help now..

It was under yet another un-extinguished seven watt political lamp that a plot to grow the government's role in our private lives, to waste money we do not have, and to be self serving, had been spawned. It all started one day when the free dance class at the library center was forced to a new time frame in order to make room for the free meal. This triggered enough tension within the eight participants that soon a majority of less than a dozen did pool their resources and decide to dupe the public ( again ) with their plot to build a monument to themselves. ( at your expense ) " This is ENOUGH!!" exclaimed one very put out 'taker', " this is OUT OF BOUNDS!!. " 
Genie Plushypuss , fresh back from a trip to the orient and Henry Slacker both high on the list of complainers managed to hoodwink Dave the bean counter's bride to pushing this selfish, one way, age discriminated, non government function article into effect. " No sweat " said a retired pawl, "I'll tickle the Libs@townhall.assessors.admin.org and get them to put this one at the beginning of the list of articles for the April town meeting. "
" While we are at it, lets put the DPW article dead last. This will favor our 'packing rights' and we on the inside will all be the winners. Screw what the paying public thinks. They are turned off and won't even come out to vote! "

This by the way was the catalyst for 'random' article presentation which came later.

The whole fray was being watched by the marshfield.net FORUMITES with apprehension and a sense of what to do. They commenced an e-mail campaign and began to 'brain storm' a way to favorably look out for the ever growing number of seniors on the horizon who will otherwise no doubt be cast aside as in ' Granny Dumping ' . ( another story )

First on the list of concerns was the idea that many of our seniors are strapped now, especially after this latest five year round of steep government spending increase, government cash hoarding, and over charged enterprize billing. How could hundreds of retired seniors live their American dream and stay in their housing which is their life's major investment. It was looking like a trailer in the sticks of Florida would be the answer for these unsung heros who suffered a major depression, survived a great world war ( well the ones who came back anyway ), Korea, Viet Nam and now dwindled FICA funds which were spent elsewhere. 

One entreprenurial left over American who always had to think and do for herself came up with the idea of 'sharing' the various public school facilities which we already own ( save the many millions of bux we are in pawn for now ) and to present a rough plan which could be implemented immediately since the 'plumbing' is already in place that we will save the selfish minded 3.5+++ million, end up with a product that surpasses the original article and which everyone but the self indulgent would really enjoy, not to mention the 'other FREE gifts' heretofore unseen.

Here is a synopsis and only the high points of such a system:
( discussion is only two days but ongoing and spreading fast )

Multiple location availability already in place.
Facilities such as auditoriums, kitchens, libraries, study halls, all known sports, fields for walking, music rooms, kids to interface with ( voluntary ), nurse on duty, empowering seniors with the gift to give of themselves towards the interface of the ages, etc.. The possibilities are limitless..

This is where YOU get involved.

" Knowledge is Power "

It only took a hand full to dream up this socialist money waste, 'I'll get mine' types to pin the tail on the donkey, YOU! Lets show them that Free Spirited American dreamers who built this place and have passed it on still care about our future as to not be cubby holed away and bought off for a mere 3.5+++ million hard earned dollars, thus turning our society into an overpriced government hammock which will eventually turn us into another third world country, or is that the plan? Please slow Government down before it eats us up ( like it has elsewhere )... We can be responsible for ourselves, thank you!!

What say Marshfield Taxpayers Association, had enough?

Example: It only took a few dozen of these high rollers to give themselves the best health care in the world ( at your expense ) but they can't stop spending your Social Security, locally, state wide, and at federal level!!! Wake up and take your country back!!

We look foward to working with you. ( at the schools ) (( who REALLY need some help ))

Your Move.....


Mugwump, Thanking the MTA council and the Benevolent Pit Bull .... 

( gad, you guys are good !! ) 
more powerful than a locomotive once we got off our petduties..

Give em hell either way, We notice like in the case of the incredible vanishing pinkos, they 'fade' when you stand up.... always did, always will.... People just wanna be FREE.....