Well, LOOKIE here!!! Its Ma Jongg and has she had a 'change of life' fer sure. Since she joined the ' Extra Class ' of Marshfield, a group of seniors that meet daily in the schools  for the purpose of ( besides staying young ) helping with the teaching shortage, enjoying the meals at the school lunch, taking part as if they were a real school class but in this case displaying REAL CLASS as suppliers, NOT loaders...  Yes, the 'EXTRA CLASS' of Marshfield are becoming a latter day Icon of community involvement and have been reducing the tax burden on the young families who are up to their eyeballs with assessors billing..

Look, she hasn't even been taken her pills since she enrolled in this new, innovative Seniors to Seniors program up at the school. 

Since she started with the kids at Furnace Brook school she has lost some weight which was picked up @ the Seniors Stare and Vegetation Centaur downtown. She  has been dressing sharply and generally has been taking better care of herself. Its good to see that the citizens of Marshfield disapproved that wasteful 8 million dollar ( net ) temple to the disenfranchised previously planned with good intentions but of little use to the rest of the town. Some of them can't even get their kids off welfare, reconcile their fragmented families but want to show US how to live...no wonder we almost lost the socialist cold war.. This way people like Ma are able to have a new lease on life, 'give' instead of 'take' and are ALL feeling better about themselves.  Its a sight to behold.... Ma says: "You get out of it what you put into it, plain and simple".. She also admonishes us to remember that : When you rob Peter to pay Paul, you can ALWAYS count on Paul's approval...

Here she is making a cake for the Valentines Day party and by the look we think that she is a bit sweet on little Timmy who looks just like her grandson out in California.

There is little left to the imagination when 'thinking' planners get together and scope out a solution for the ages instead of a few high rollers grabbing at 'things' for themselves and leaving the bills to those who can least afford the miss-spent targeting of OUR funds. Besides, government has NO business subsidizing such ventures as we have Churches like the Congregationalists who have gone over the top with senior planning and activities. It would be a slap in the face to these and many fine organizations already in town and in place who look out for this sort of thing with NO confiscated funds.... Besides something freely taken usually has NO real perceived value @ the recipient..

As a result of this PILOT project that was found in the better interests of the caring rate payers that an Article for town meeting would from now on be thrown out for discussion on this and other town media. Previously a FEW interests would heretofore 'roll their own' and push it by the town meeting with a 'stacked and packed' voter turn out.  In the mean time, stressed out youngsters who are just arriving home after a busy day are getting ready to report to their moonlighting job.  Lets do this for the children on ALL fronts..
Charity begins in your HEART, NOT at the assessors office...

Lets generate and encourage a group called the ' Extra Class ' consisting of seniors who would voluntarily meet as a ( class ) within the schools on a daily basis for such activities as:
Teachers Aid help, Interpersonal involvement with the school kids, enjoyment of  the school lunch program, have use of the auditoriums, music rooms, libraries, study halls, sports facilities, present valuable lessons in a classroom atmosphere of their individual expertise and life's experience, act as mentors and friends to the youngsters.  
( A first class swimming pool could also be shared near the gym )
It is felt that our seniors should not be closeted away in a 'castle' which by the way payment for will certainly add stress to the already overtaxed families in town as this charity would be extended by the government as a result of a confiscatory tax and not an action from the hearts of the locally generous.. Socialism has NO heart, WE do!! Further that this project should be done by individuals in cases like as churches, benevolent, service, fraternal, and 'silent' organizations who have done much good and to very high success in the past.  We are not a Socialist Society who take our being from the State, but are a Social Society with obligations to each other.  We feel that the seniors have a lot to give and are worthy of our respect and our thanks for carrying their years and giving us this great country.
It is also felt that the 'attitude' towards seniors could otherwise grow to be most contentious and that division between the ages would increase as a result of the socialist plan and multi million dollar cost. ( est. 8 million when you look @ the undercarriage )  We refer to a system called 'Granny Dumping' which has seen steady rise in retirement communities and is an alarming trend. Don't let us drive the wedge any deeper.

We therefore recommend that an infrastructure and accommodation of our seniors be put forth at once to affect the most civil good and to keep our seniors on a human being footing with the rest of the community to the end that they are physically, mentally and Spiritually healthier in the long haul. For the isolationists, we could offer the use of the Webster Estate, Coast Guard Radio Station, various private halls, and to take themselves OFF the taxpayer burden...

The town's several Churches, Ladies Benevolent Societies, Knights of Columbus, Masons, Kiwanis, Moose, Elks, Eastern Star, Rebeccas, Odd Fellows, and MANY 'quiet' service organizations still have seats available on both sides of the lectern.  

Since the money changers have started their own church ( on us ) there exists some apathy, miss-aligned spirits and a general malaise... This too will pass as we say, " get your dingy digits off our denim...  Be part of the Supply, not part of the Load....."

The pictures were plagiarized from the book: "MOTHER" by Judy Olausen

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* You may already know that the world's FIRST radio broadcast was made from right here in Marshfield, Mass. in 1906.  We also have a neighbor named Jerry Williams who started the ball rolling in our time as a radio talk show host and made a profound difference on how some of us look at things..  Special wellness wishes to Jerry..
Also, don't forget Jim Cipullo on Monday eves local telly ch.-13 @7pm and George Shaw on Thursdays @ 8pm.  They always have interesting people on who are part of our lives. 
Call in @ 837-4384, tell them how you feel...

Now, YOU the people can do the same right here..  
This is a happening media, get YOUR word out, tell it like it is. The fact that WE have heard nothing of the Seniors Centaur Promotional Society or the Failed School System belies the fact that THEY feel NO need to communicate with US.  

C'mon, lets see your 'broadcasts'....

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