'Grace be with you, Mercy and Peace' from Mother Very Superior, Esther Bigglesworth, the FIRST pastress of Saint Mary of the Rings, the new intragovern'mental' church which by a packed vote and confiscated funds did prevail ( to some extent ) .  You will recall last week when  we had a look in on Genie Plushypuss who was entertaining Henry Slacker @ the new Seniors Centaur in the Gov. Prence compound that it was 'party time' on 'US' once again. Well folks, things are happening and its all good ( for them )..  Again, so very few of 'them' have charged so many of 'us' for their 'being' that a blessing of the funds celebration will take place this Maunday. 

The Reverend Mutha Esther has already performed three divorces, two chapter elevens and fourteen teen corruptions by default for the want of grownup leadership which was proposed by the lowly serf majority population here in town. The solution to wayward youngerns was found at the graduation night lock up when it was seen that NO teens did in fact commit suicide on the road. This wonderful project has been expanded to run 365 days at a cost of over $1,825,000.73,  ( @ 5k/night ) since it worked so well that one time. ( Do it for the children ) Naturally it was funded through our new government church as the parishioners decided to spend YOUR money instead of their own, all the while claiming conservative values and clean living. They wish to make it perfectly clear that condoms, no tell abortions, clean needles, the trans gendered complex and pinko-mush are NOT a function of the Centaur but that you must apply at the schools for these perks of impropriety. In fact, they wish the kids would just stay away and leave them alone.

Another fine benevolence of the closed church is the teaching of Spanish to all the English speaking refugees ( losers )  who recently returned from the cold war and vast left wing mud slide.  Seems these seniors can teach Spanish for $5,000 per handicapped speaker per year, a far cry from the broken school system's $65,000 per half dozen dumb down dupes...

Now for the GOOD news...  Did you see 'that' Christian Cross in Mutha's pix? Well, a contingent of jack booted thugs from the pinko-nazis in exile stormed the place, replaced it with a cameo of Fidel @ the Havanna branch government church compound.  Thats OK!, the Havanna center has fallen on tough times since the Bear's infusion of 6 million dollars per day has dried up and that the center is now on its own.  Seems these places can never support themselves. The Centaur is petitioning a special town meeting for a rather modest $100,000 for the Madeline Murray O'Whore shrine of St. I-Me. 

Meanwhile Mother Fiona from the Sisters of Saint Jude across town have organized an Easter bake-off and will, with the help of her trusty soul mates feed 80 seniors, complete with home grown entertainment, live fun and the recall of the days when PEOPLE helped PEOPLE instead of making it another 10-2 gig @ the government.

The town's Churches, Ladies Benevolent Societies, Knights of Columbus, Masons, Kiwanis, Moose, Elks, Eastern Star, Rebeccas, Odd Fellows, and MANY 'quiet' service organizations still have seats available on both sides of the lectern.  

The confiscation of public funds leaves us ALL a bit shy on tax day but thanks to people like Sister Fiona, WE WILL PREVAIL.... Always Have, Always Will..

Since the money changers have started their own church ( on us ) there exists some apathy, miss-aligned spirits and a general malaise... This too will pass as we read in the scriptures of the incidents when 'THEY' would not let 'OUR' people go...

" Turn Us loose, Mutha Goose " a contada in B flat is planned.

It is estimated that 5 million cups of coffee were spent on the government church effort but that does not imply or say that you may bring coffee grounds to the assessors office for credit.  Nope! the drink from this cup is on YOU, OK so its bitter... Money Changers need not apply!!!

This sporadic broadcast is brought to you by the Fessenden West Society, a friendly group who are finding many others of like kind.. all over the place..

These pictures were plagiarized from the book: "MOTHER" by Judy Olausen

In order of appearance in tonight's broadcast:

Mutha Very Superior @ St. Mary of the Rings sodality.

Sister Fiona, who is always looking up for guidance in the strength of the great spirit, to the house not made with hands....

Linda Cook and the brothers and sisters ( in the background, hardly ever seen ), cooking, taxiing, consoling, otherwise helping the REST ( majority ) of the seniors who were supposed to receive relief in the first place..... Party on Plushypuss!!!

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This is a happening media, get YOUR word out, tell it like it is. The fact that WE have heard nothing of the Seniors Centaur Promotional Society or the Failed School System belies the fact that THEY feel NO need to communicate with US.  

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