O for Pete's Sake!!, I'ts Plushypuss at the Seniors Centaur who is giving a greeting to the 100th visitor.  Although the place has been opened since September, it seems the real action in town is the new people helping people program, man the're springing up everywhere's!  Since the trial balloon forced draft socialist centaur partially failed, it was awarded a suite at the Gov. Prence compound. ( recently reclaimed ) ( they cudda had the Webster place ) ( neat for Haloween, eh? Plushy ) Meanwhile, uptown, things are really happening, whoda thunk it? The marks came back from the Ubang MCas scams.  Seems that since the kids in the schools have been getting treated to 'special tutoring' by some real live strong good people, that better than a goldmine was found. .. and to think 'they' were worried about institutionalizing WE... buncha granny dumpers... 







At the same time Plushypuss was 'entertaining'...,,,, the sisters of St. Jude were dressed up like Lady Di but with purpose of Mother Theresa.. to help people keep going instead of troffing...  Sister Linda here was doing some famous rustic cooking with native herbs and getgood roots for the friends and family of the mugwump tribe. Watta country!,  here comes the bear in the background  libs@decision.division.org  trying to get her and all her opposite number sisters and their brothers to come on over to the church of the overtaxed 

"Nawww, you can't blow our house in!"    

Linda says:

"The hand that rocks the cradle, is the hand that rules the world, no thanks you ugly old bear!, we'll do it ourselves... You guys ALWAYS mess it up when you go past the 'basics'.."

This sporadic broadcast is brought to you by the Fessenden West Society, a friendly group who are finding many others as like kind.. all over the place..

Here are some previews of next week's broadcast on the subject:



Meet Sister Grandmother Fiona who still to this day makes a burnt offering at Easter in thankfulness that we returned to Ops Normal right here on earth 
( before the fire ).

She always marveled that Rome was not burn't in a day..


And Sally, who receives a surprize has some boning up to do....  Just as she was zoning out along came the puppies and revived her, proving that life begins whenever you want. She is looking better aready.

These pictures were plagiarized from the book: "MOTHER" by Judy Olausen

In order of appearance in tonight's broadcast:

Genie Plushypuss @ Henry Slacker's pad.

Linda Cook and the brothers and sisters....

Miss Plushypuss' hor'duerves by Merrill's Specialty Shoppes', Downtown

Mrs. Cook's honey jar and Cook's helpers from the greater www.neighborhood.net

Next Broadcast, Zero dark thirty

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* You may already know that the world's FIRST radio broadcast was made from right here in Marshfield, Mass. in 1906.  We also have a neighbor named Jerry Williams who started the ball rolling in our time as a radio talk show host and made a profound difference on how some of us look at things..  Special wellness wishes to Jerry..
Also, don't forget Jim Cipullo on Monday eves local telly ch.-13 @7pm and George Shaw on Thursdays @ 8pm.  They always have interesting people on who are part of our lives. 

Now, YOU the people can do the same right here..  Lets face it, if the newspapers are reading us, we must be doing something!!

C'mon, lets see some 'broadcasts'....

remember: OUR HERITAGE