31624  Super Connie... Phoenix-6....   Thanks to Harold Butler, HMC, ret.

I seemed to have read in a past issue of your page about the VX-6 Super Constellation C121 aircraft. I am an "OLD" OAE from 1956-57 and 1961-64 and have flown in her a number of times during the 1960's.

There was another Connie called the 'Phoenix', buno 31624 which had a chrome finish.
What ever became of it?

I am sending a Newspaper clipping from the Christchurch Star in May 1971. If you are still trying to track down 31624 , this article should let you know that it was taken to Davis Monthan AFB in Arizona and that her crew was taking steps to save her. In attachment (2) the names of her last crew are pictured and named. Perhaps through your network of information you may have some data on these men. Maybe one or more could tell you of its fate. (Going to Arizona and the time span doesn't sound good for a recovery.) 
    I hope this info is of some use. Regards Harold E. Butler, HMC USN Retired. 

My last encounter with her was in 1964 and I was told by one of her engineers that the plane had a slight twist in it's tail section but they didn't worry about it as you can see it was 1971 before she was out of service for reasons other than that.



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