Here is some background on Buz Dryfoose,  All Americal Adventurer....   1-2000

   I started wanting to fly in 1931 when I was a two year old.  Went through
years of intensive Boy Scouting (my father was the scoutmaster of the same troop for 35 years) and made Eagle Scout while still 13 (rare in those days). Did a lot of model building, piano playing (played professionally in a dance band starting at 13), and cheerleading (being too short for basketball, too light for football, and a tad too slow for track).  In 1946, the Navy came out with the Holloway Plan and I grabbed it.  Did my only two years of college at Steven's  Point, Wisconsin (now a branch of the University of Wisconsin).  At the time, it was called Central State Teachers College. Did my two years and reported to Pensacola for flight training in June, 1948. 
Got my wings 9 Nov 49 and my commission 2 Jun 50.  The period between Nov and June I flew in a squadron as a Flying Midshipman, a now obsolete classification. 

My flight experience, other than five years in VX-6, has been entirely in transports.  I had some very slow years but still ended 22 years of service with over 15,000 hours of flight time and 2500 hours of nav time.  I started in Norfolk, VA with VR-22 flying JRB's and R4D-5's and 6's.  In 1951, we went to Burbank and picked up some of the first R4D-8's to go to the Navy.  Left VR-22 in '53 and went to VR-24 in Port Lyautey, Morocco.  In '54 I was moved to Naples, Italy in, at that time, a detachment of VR-24.  Was flying R5D's and R4D-8's.  Left VR-24 in '56 and went to Moffatt (VR-3) flying R6D's (WESTPAC).  June of '57, just prior to the squadron's move, I left for VX-6 at Quonset, RI.  Had Chief of Staff R5D 56505..Have Gum, Will Travel.... the first year.  The next two years I flew R4D-8 99853...Wilshie Duit.  Was then selected for C-130 training and went to Sewart AFB in Tennessee where I became the first Navy pilot qualified in a C-130-Herk.  Al Potter was the second pilot so qualified.

While on the Ice we would get sitreps from a detachment in Quonset with things like weather reports, temperature, and anything unusual occurring. Just prior to pullout in '58 or '59, we got a message stating "Temperature 15 degrees.  Weather clear.  Buzz Sawyer departing for ChCh."  So the squadron sent a reply, " Buz Dryfoose departing for ChCh to confer with Buzz Sawyer prior to his deployment."  This is my "claim to fame". 

My first deployment in 853, I took Utz, my German Shepherd, as an aircraft mascot.  Other than some diplomatic problems going through NZ and returning aboard the USS Ticonderoga, the deployment went swimmingly.  Utz made every single flight with me and it got so guys would look for Utz before asking about mail and/or fresh supplies.  The following year, when I was first plane into all outlying stations....Cape Hallett, Byrd, and the Pole,........the rear hatch would open and some wintering-over personnel would stick his head in and say, "Where's Utz?"  Even some of the huskies that had befriended him the year before were saddened at his absence. 

Following my tour of five years in VX-6, since I had over 2,000 hours in C-130's by that time, I was sent back to VR-24 as they were now flying the 130's with no experienced personnel.  As is typical with transport squadrons, I was low man on the totem least, for a while.  A year after my arrival, the entire squadron was moved to Rota, Spain.  Early '67 I left VR-24 with orders to VR-1 as ONC of the Tacamo detachment....which had just been formed.  Spent about four months there and was pulled out to once again fly the line with 130's.  June of '67, VR-1 sent two 130's and crews TAD to VR-21 at Barber's Point, HA.  VR-24 sent one 130 and crew for a six-month deployment.  We were flying WESTPAC in and out of Viet Nam.  At the end of the six month period when my orders expired, I was brought back to Pax River for three days while new orders were cut.  Three months into these new orders, TAD was changed to PCS and I finished my Navy flying at Barber's Point.  Went through retirement screening at Treasure Island and retired as of 1 Aug 68.  I have the distinction of flying a Navy plane and landing same (smoothly, I might add!) two hours after I was technically off of active duty.......but that's another story!  At the stroke of midnight on 31 Jul 68, I was out of the active Navy, out of my first marriage (my divorce becoming final at that time), and out of a job.  Nice prospects, huh?!

Since then, I've found my way to the hill country of Brown County, Indiana; met and married my second wife, and devote myself to living the good life.......with some leathercraft and beadwork, muzzleloading rifle and pistol activity, and canoeing in the North Woods in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area whenever I get the chance.

This information and fifty cents may just get you a cup of coffee anywhere......though you might need an extra quarter or two in some places!

Watch out for snow snakes and ice worms.

Regards, Buz           
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This is a PIO photo of me taken in '58.  Note the Byrdcloth parka/jacket made by GR the PR.....his first.  I still have it and it's a real one of a kind.


Here is another picture showing Sam and me in the Memorabilia Room at the DeCom at Mugu.



More to follow