Puenta Arenas C130 flight 10-64  from Tom Dunn...

Standing: Lt G N Drummond,Weather;AMS-1 Willie Clegg; W R Seelig,Civ;ADJ-1 R J Bullis, F/E; AG-2 N Belcher, Weather; Lt A.C.Huggins, Pil; Lt R.I.Bregman,Nav;AT-1 J.R.Lusk, Flt Tech; W.T.Austin, Civ;Ltjg J.J.Hanley, Nav; Maj M.B.Lynch, C/P; Kneeling: Ltjg H.S.Hemphill,Photo;ABH-1 Ken Falone, L/M; Lt Bob Paty,Pil; AMH-1Frank Daughtery, A/F; ADJ-2 Gary Sanders, Mech; CDR Moe Morris, A/C; AE-1 Tom Dunn, F/E;AE-1 John Morgan,Elect;PH-1 Mike Keim, Photo

On Sept. 1st 1963 318 and 320 took off from Capetown, South Africa for McMurdo Station on the other side of the Antarctic continent.
Fourteen and one half hours later, with less than an hours fuel remaining they safely landed in near "white out" conditions.  The 4700 mile flight, never since repeated, was featured in the March 1964 National Geographic Magazine and in a book by then famous newscaster, Lowell Thomas. Both crews subsequently received the rarely given (for non-combat) Navy Air Medal. They were also inducted into The Explorer's Club.  Skipper of the squadron, and pilot of 320,was Cdr. George Kelly.
This is just another example of the truly extraordinary feats accomplished by the men of VX-6 ---the continuing legacy..
Submitted by Art Herr, Copilot on board 320. 318 was piloted by Lcdr Bill Kurlak.

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