Greetings Old Antarctic Explorer!

I am writing on behalf of Lt. Ben Koether, USN Retired, Chairman of the Glacier Society.  It is our mission to restore the USS/USCG Glacier as a functioning museum and school ship honoring all who served in the exploration of the north and South Poles.  The Glacier was Admiral Byrd's flagship, and she made several historic trips to the Poles.  She served as a scientific vessel for both the Navy and Coast Guard, and is an example of the best of America in Action!

Right now she is docked near San Francisco where she is undergoing restoration. We are looking for new members and volunteers across the country to join our ranks and spread the good word.  We need people to do everything from working on the ship during restoration, doing research on the web, contacting former crewmen from Operation Deep Freeze and recording their experiences, and of course we need people to send in their dues so we can fund our dream.

For more information, check us out at, send me an email, or call our office at 203-375-6638 or TOLL FREE at (866) ICE PLAY (423-7529).  There are many volunteer opportunities available, and we need you to help fill them.  Please help us as we make our vision a reality.

Gratefully Yours,

Vickie Ipacs
Executive Assistant to the Chairman