This one is from Kool Karl, blackshoe with a flair, flambouyance and a gift to create a yarn, not to mention that he was in his day,  ' Messenger to the Stars '

Willy Field, 1963 ,barracks 5, a whiteout lasting several days keeps all hands indoors.  They string ropes from the huts to the chow hall so they don't loose anybody.  It is super party time in barracks 5.  Beer flows like water.  Nobody has to work, just drink and fight and play and drink and sleep and drink.

Day three.  An emergency meeting is called to discus the dwindling stocks of beer in barracks five.  There was over a dozen men and no more than 3 cases of beer remaining. They ruled out rationing as totally unacceptable.  Glider got on the radio and called the strip coordinator for a weather update.  The news was not good.  No let up in sight. They considered throwing the weaker ones out into the storm to fend for themselves.  They discarded that idea when they realized that some of the committee members were the weaker ones.  The situation became grave as they faced the possibility of two more days of storm whilst sober.

But wait, there was a thinker in their midst.  Although filled with fog, in the deep reaches of Glider's devious mind, a sinister plot was forming.  Back to the radio he shot like a fart released from a bottle.

He grabbed the mike with an air of arrogance as he looked around the barracks at the men he was about to save.  Boldly into the radio mike he started to spin his web of deceitful rescue.
"VX-6 Operations this is barracks five, over", "This is Ops barracks five, go ahead".
"Roger Ops, this is the VX-6 Executive Officer, I need a helo full of beer dispatched to barracks five ASAP, Over".
"Sir this is ops, all aircraft are grounded due to the storm", "Operations that is a direct order, I want that beer and I want it now mister, do you understand?"
"Well, Yes sir, I'll see if I can find a pilot, over".
"Roger Ops., thank you, barracks five out".

The day was saved, the celebrations began.  The remaining beer was cracked.  Glider was the man of the hour.  Well, more like 10 minutes.
"Barracks five this is VX-6 Ops, over". "Gentlemen, this will be our beer", Glider smiled as he returned to the radio.
"Go ahead Ops".
"Roger, is the VX-6 Executive Officer there, over"?
"On the line son", Glider said as he swung the microphone by the cord with a rock star like flair.  The men marveled at his boldness.

"Roger barracks five, stand buy, I have another VX-6 Executive Officer on the line that would like to speak to you".

Kool Karl

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