Rotorhead sounds like a great name for us. I have enclosed a couple of pics.  As you can probably see, I am a little partial to the early days (with the LH-34D's), however, I also had almost as much fun on the 2nd tour with the UH-1N's.
 Larry Lister

Some info on the Helo's that I remember:
List of LH-34D's during my tour 65-69: (all were JD tail letters)
Gentle 1   145717
Gentle 2   148112
Gentle 3   148121
Gentle 4   148122
Gentle 5   150220
Gentle 119  148119  kept at Quonset for summer training

Gentle 5 crashed twice in it's life in the squadron. The 1st time about 64 I believe,  before I got 6 in 65,  when a smoke flare got loose inside and it crashed by the Erebus Ice Tongue, and laied over on it's left side. It was up-righted, and towed by hand out to the USS Glacier and returned to the States and rebuilt. It returned to the Ice in 66 and was a good flyer. Bud English put it down at the mouth of Wright Valley with a magneto failure, which resulted in a fire and total destruction, with the loss of 2 USARPS, out of a total of 8 people on board. I believe Gene Little, AMS2 was the 2nd crewman, and LCDR Brandeau was the pilot. This happened about 70 or 71, I believe.

I remember the UH-1D's we got from the Army in 69 at Quonset, but I don't have any numbers on them. I only got to fly them for about 3 mo before I transferred to NALF Monterey for shore duty, Jul 69.

On my 2nd tour (74 - 77), the squadron already had the UH-1N's. They were the first ones the Navy had. I believe the squadron took delivery around 71, before  Quonset closed. Again, all had JD tail letters.

Gentle 11  158234
Gentle 12  158235
Gentle 13  158237
Gentle 14  158238
Gentle 15  158239
Gentle 16  158240
Gentle 17  158241

Notice BuNo 158236 is missing - -   It crashed and burned en-route from the factory at Fort Worth to the Squadron at Quonset. I may have the time frame out of whack a little, but this is the best I can remember.

P.S.  Bud English is the one that checked me out in the LH-34's in 65 at Quonset and on the Ice.
If anyone can add to this, or correct me on any errors, please do.


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Do you remember which LH-34D burned on the Hill Helo pad late November or early December 1965?  I remember the fire and it getting pushed over the edge of the pad.
= = =

The H-34 you are referring to happened a bit earlier than 65. I heard about it from the guys when I got there in Oct 65. As I heard the story from Bud English and Walter Smith, it was one of the only H-34's on the Ice that had a hydraulic throttle, and was parked in front of the hangar for maintenance.
During engine start, it had an over-speed, which flung engine cooling fan blades, cutting a fuel line and starting a fire. As it happened, there was a Seabee with his D-8 parked there, so when the fire couldn't be brought under control, he pushed it over the side of the bank.

At the end of the '69 season, the Air Force was trying to load a Navy UH-2B from one of the Ice Breakers, into a C-124, couldn't get the thing loaded. So Charlie Nordyke, AM 1, (called UGH) and I got the job of getting it loaded. It had gone into ground resonance on the ice breaker and couldn't be flown. Lt Elliot Freeman (Helo Officer) was in charge of the loading. We were having a little "problem" getting it in, so we "improvised" !!! With a 16 lb sledge hammer, fire axe, and hacksaw, I removed the tail rotor blades and hub, and gained enough clearance to stuff the helo into the C-124. When  Lt Freeman saw how I was doing it, he just shook his head, and left. Said he was going after a cup of coffee, and never came back. Never did understand why !! HA !!


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