Once upon a time, ham radio phone patches were the way to keep in touch with the folks at home. KC4USX, KC4USV were the McMurdo stations.. Here is a last minute view of those days. 

Here is some more history you may use on the web site: Pat Rowe
I was the operator of KC4USX during DF 78. I took over the little Scottsman trailer from Charlie Hubley whom I have not heard from since he married a kiwi gal and got out of the navy! some of the Ham's that we owe much to for patching were W6MAB, Big John, k8us in Ohio, WA4CYF, Danny in Alabama, and many more who hung out aroung 14.320 +/- later in the polar afternoon to patch for us. I am sure Big John is no longer with us as he was up in the years when I knew him. I always wondered what happened to Charlie Hubley and many of the other Ham's, I guess all I can say to them is Thanks for the un ending hours of patches to love ones and the first hand news from home! 
Please add this QSL card to your site, may be Charlie and some of the other Hams will see it and write me.

Patrick Rowe   prowe@vxe-6.com

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Can any of you guys remember Lt. Mayer (Bull) using a bucket with burning DFA to melt a grounding hole through the ice for KC4USX? Remember someone stealing his lobster cache? Skipper Morris and Bull were friends from lo-o-o-o-ong ago.

Swinney flew with his crew, I think. He used to carry shovels on his 130 to dig up old bases and scrounge up Ham radio parts. When we flew into Willy Field to rescue Mayfield, he was the pilot. A Stagg magazine writer went to his house in New England and listened in to his Ham contacts with his wife. Then he wrote a cover exclusive about Bull's conquest of the Dark Continent. Pissed Bull off, I think. Pigmy

Dutch, Thanks for jumping in there with your comments about not having radio down there in the early '60s. I was hearing these guys talk about having TV & radio. I could not remember any of this on my first trip down in '61. We did have a guy show up in '63 with some type of "souped" up radio that we could get some foreign radio stations every now and then. We would gather around and listen to the radio and not understand a damned thing they were saying. We were sure looking hard for entertainment.
Some guy did come to the Strip in '63 with his Ham Radio setup & helped all the guys hook up with their families in the States. This was right at Christmas time and it was certainly appreciated by all men that took part in this. Glider

*Think this was Tom Gray, AT1...

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Tnx to Dave Martin, KA1IUJ...and Billy Ace...


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