E-Mail form one of Pete's kids  remembering...

I really really really laughed as I've read through the stories!!!

You guys are some examples of some great ,true American hero stuff.

Loved Old Moe banterings. And that Dick Anderson guy is a good writer!  yellow icebergs..!!..

Even though I had no idea what some of the "shop-talk lingo"/abbreviations meant, the tale rings through loud and clear!!!!!

How come none of your pix/slides are posted? I remember seeing some!

Funny story of flight surgeon Doc H. too--- saw the reunion pix of him and the Mrs.--Was he a real Dr.?

Anyhow .. Love it!     o.k.-- here's my contribution:  My only memory of Deep Freeze really is the orange suit, the green jacket and those BIG WHITE FUNKY RUBBER BOOTS with the Herman Munster plugs on the sides- in the downstairs closet,next to the bathroom.  I remember reading the labels on them and thinking to myself: " these sure are big , but they should work good- look at those temperatures" I would throw on like 50 pairs of your socks (truth out now about where all your sox were going...), in a lame attempt to "fill your shoes"-- and wear them outside in the snow--because I never seemed to have any decent boots -how resourceful! even took them to the golf course for sledding...Talk about heavy! 

 I had no idea what history I was walking around in!!!!!!

(just knew if you caught me with all your sox, I was a dead penguin !)   

oxoxoxoxox   B. H.