Penguin Tracks in the snow...

I have a National Geographic Magazine with a cover photo of an Adelie penguin wearing an international orange vest containing his tracking device and a transmitter with a little stubby VHF antenna. Cute little picture and the vest sorta looks like an uninflated life vest, but only a PR would know for sure.

I could tell you about the Adelie penguin that was kept at the transmitter site at McMurdo. He was the on-site liaison between the Navy, NSF and the wandering band of radio tagged itinerant penguins. But that is another story and it would probably border on kinkiness, so I will keep it to myself. 

Check the duct tape repairs on his jacket. Is that a reflector for his RF on his neck/head? I guess in that case he would have to be tracked from the South Pole since he would be heading North getting back to the coast. Satan get thee behind me. That's what the penguins call the SARPs -- The Mothers of All Satans.
This photo is circa 1970. Nowdays the penguins sport a little satellite dish mounted on a VXE-6 baseball cap.


The only incident I am aware of was we flew (318 crew) half a dozen adelies to Pole Station and Byrd station and from what was explained to me by the USARP escort was they were to be equipped with beepers and released for tracking to see what direction they would take. The tracking receivers were on R4D's so us herc jerkes never found out what the result was. All our passengers to Pole and Byrd were very lovable and friendly on the trip up.
Another was when some guys put a pissed off Adelie in some guys Locker at Wille field. He really got a big surprise when he opened his locker and the penguin waddled away pissed but alive and squawkin.....

Regards,  Soupy

From x-RM1 Karl Sackman 
The Penguins Soupy referred to that were taken by (318), or possibly on a different but similar mission, did not have tracking devices to the best of my knowledge.  The USARPs camped for days with those damn penguins waiting for them to take off back to McMurdo.  The ones they tagged in the past and dropped off all over the whole continent had always eventually showed up back at McMurdo.  They wanted to find out how they navigated. They were in communications with McMurdo main Comm via SSB (HF) radio.
 Well, the penguins stayed put.  They couldn't chase them out of camp.  They tried everything, even being downright nasty to them. They had to re-supply the USARPs with R4D's a couple of times.  Then one morning (or night - all the same that time of year) the USARPs woke up and the penguins were gone.  Sure enough they showed up back at McMurdo the next season. 
Kool Karl

It's called the Crittercam. And is attached by velcro. He takes pictures of fish and krill then all the penguins get together and watch the movie and discuss how best to catch the fish.

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