Racer on the hill or moon RV proto? 8-99

Roaming through some old memories, found this.  How many of you guys knew there was a "sling shot!!" racer on the hill in '69?  Anybody got any names of who built it and what happened to it?
New Subject - Aviation Museum in Pensacola.  To the best of my recollection, they only thing they have there that represents the ice is a C-47/117 and an otter and I am not to sure they are still there.  It would be nice to get more representation at this facility. 

Left to Right - AT1 Jim O'Connell, AS2 Paul Hazellet, AS1 Buddy English

I remember seeing that racer when I wintered in 71, but don't know what became of it. Also there was one during DF-75 winter-over, but it was built by some guys in the heavy shop that year, so it wasn't the same one.

"Que Sera, Sera, which was the first plane to land at the South Pole, used to be at the Navy Aviation Museum here in Pensacola and it was parked outside with a lot of large planes that were apparently too big, or not good enough to be put inside the museum. The last time I was at the museum, which was less then six months ago I did NOT IMI NOT see it anyplace. I have never seen an Otter there, but it could be stored some place else.

Incidentally, Conrad "Gus" Shinn who was the pilot of "Que Sera Sera" lives here in Pensacola. 


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