One day a pair of 2000 year old brewmasters were walking down the ice fields when one spotted someone picking up a rock, getting ready to throw. One exclaimed, "Hey! put that rock down", and that was the first known 'rock talk'

As long as we have a mystery going, let's add another one.  The attached picture was taken in the Skipper's Office on the hill on Christmas day of 1963 and the inscription on it says "From the Nurses at Marble Point XXX Merry Xmas GK (CDR G. Kelly).  We never did find out who did it.  Anybody want to fess up now..     Jim O'Connell....

Ain't none of my business but the rock in Captain Kelly's office looks like it came from the Dry Valleys. Probably a souveneir for him to take home to his garden. Also probably carried in by the same two weight lifters who carried my rock into the CPO Club. I think they had a regular rock moving concession going on until they both developed double hernias.
It seems like the squadron had a habit of smuggling really big rocks off the ice. I had to hide mine in the false bottom of a cruise box. 


No, it is not Baker Rock. It is the rock at CHCH with the names of everyone who was killed on the ice during the Navy's time in Antarctica. If you blow it up you may be able to read all the names. Come on Izzy try it.
I had to search for this graphic on my hard drive in connection with a sidebar I am having with several OAEs and thought I would share it with everyone.



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