>          Save the Herks....

Just a few thoughts on this topic, which seems to have been stirred up over the messages forwarded by Marty, I for one am glad to see the OAEA responses since we all have the legacy of our experiences that need to be preserved. 

 On the matter of an LC-130 for a museum, I believe we need an ally like we had in Dwight Fisher before he retired from OPP/NSF (regardless of how a few of the membership may feel about NSF). As well as a Senator or two, say McCain from Arizona where the birds are stored, and any other politician that the OAEA can enlist. Then the Pensacola guys need to keep an avenue open at the Museum of Naval Aviation.... we must still have a sympathetic contact or two there? Then, how about a stronger relationship with Lockheed/Martin, especially the folks still making C-130,s at Marietta GA..... they could be made a big part (contributors) to the next symposium/reunion at Pt. Mugu? 

Finally, at the DeCom in 1999, the squadron had nearly every bulkhead of the hangar plus the hangar deck displays filled with plaques, photos, etc. What happened to all those items?..... There is a couple room of display treasures there alone, which must have been stored or placed somewhere? And, perhaps, we can try and reach the previous CO's, the MCPO/CPO community and the more recent squadron year groups.... all to be stronger participants in reclaiming the items. It also looks as, if successful, that it would become a storage consideration? I appeal to the BOD of the OAEA to discuss some of these suggestions. 

I am standing by, just looking for others to join in and keep the momentum going. Perhaps this matter is worthy of a article or two in the coming editions of the "Gazette". 

VR, Art Herr 5-03

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