C-130s perform 'extra' duty up north.   Art Herr, AC 320

After returning from the "Ice" in the Spring of '73 or'74, the
Squadron CO asked for a one plane volunteer crew to go to Greenland.
This meant operating all summer out of Sondrestrom and Thule on the west
coast of Greenland. The mission was to haul "ice-cores" back to the
Army's Cold Regions Lab in New Hampshire after loading them onboard from
the 11.000 ft  high ice cap.  320 was chosen for the task with a
somewhat reluctant "volunteer" flight crew. 

Sometime that summer, an old DEW-line floating ice island called T-3 or "Fletchers
Island", had to be evacuated ASAP. The ice was rapidly breaking up
threatening to dump men and equipment into the frigid waters of the
North Arctic Ocean. The skipper, Fred Holt in 321 came up from Pt. Mugu
and Art Herr, who was the "volunteer" AC in 320  proceeded
together from Thule to execute the rescue. Several hazardous flights,
and days later all were safely re-located back on dry land at Point
Barrow, Alaska.  Now, years later does anyone remember the other crew
members and any more of the details? This was a mission for which , if
the USAF had been asked to perform, they would have received Air Medals
just for getting airborne!   All we got were a few more sea-stories to
tell.  Help me document this Adventure. 

The LEGACY continues!   Art Herr.

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