Slowly breaks the morning light, A toast.  
A toast to the swabs that flew the Southern course.
To Winking Blinking Red To Moe, Joe Stump and Bobby Q.
A toast.  A toast to ill repose, to the airdales, the blackshoe and the corps.
Let the dawn of light set on us one last time, on the hill, the strip,  the Pole and Byrd.
Let Divine Wind rise the Slow Tortoise and the Goose since lain to rest.
A toast.  A toast to ill repose. To Que Sera Sera to Charlie Kloak and Chicken Hawk.
A toast, a toast - one final toast. To ill repose and voices I still hear from the Southern Course.
And please All mighty God forgive our indiscretions and let us see once more the morning light.
A toast from the class of  62-63       WTFO???