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Here is what happens when some brain gas escapes and a question gets asked of the old Puckered Petes.

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When I was a kid hanging out at the local drug store, there were plenty of magazines on the rack to read. I picked up an 'Argosy' and noticed in back that an advertisement for a miraculous battery additive called vx6 was available. I knew nothing about the squadron in 1957 but it was said to renew batteries and had been tested in the coldest extremes. Anyone have a story on this?

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Dave - -I'm not sure, but I think the VX-6 Battery "rejuvinator" is still carried in the JC Whitney automotive catalog.
Larry Lister


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What a coincidence....Thanx for the reminder on the vx6 battery rejuvinator thing.. Just so happens I remember it...My dad owned a gas station in southeast Nebr. thru the 50's and 60's....Of course I got to work there during my school years (graduated HS in '64) , so had to work lotsa hrs for diddley pay, but got gas and stuff at cost.. Didn't hafta buy a car either (dad had a dealers license and I drove around on dealers plates all thru HS ).....!
    Anyway, he had the vx6 stuff on his shelves.. Came in a small bottle and just poured it into the battery cells....Did it work..??? Do any of the additives we buy work....???? Remember dad laughing at the additives, especially gas additives that ya poured in the gas tank to clean the carb... Can't remember what they cost, but dad said that kerosene ( just a little in the tank, or right down the carb ) did the same thing and only cost about 15 cents a gallon...! Car smoked for a while, but the kerosene worked well.. and a lot cheaper....(or another name 'tractor fuel') While I'm on the subject, might as well keep going...! When they came out with unleaded gas, that really pissed dad off, cause it cost more than leaded gas...??? He said that the lead was an 'additive' that was put in the gas for a lubricant, then they developed the unleaded engine....In his words "Why In The Hell Should Something Cost More When They Can Leave Something Out...?"
    More:::::Full Service::::Seen any of those around lately...? My older brother and me worked full time during the summers...Car pull in, wash the windows, check the oil etc.etc. (all for $1.50 worth of gas)...But there was some 'bennies',,, Had to race each other out to see who got to wash the windshield....! Remember not much AC in cars back then...and the Gals always seemed to have their dresses hiked up around their armpits... 

(got some good beaver shots).....!

Anyway,,,,,VX6 was for real.....

ztc 4-99 Dave Killian
Hi Dave
I sold vx-6 for a short period the mid-70's!
I think I still have some in the basement, someplace, it should probably be removed by the E.P.A.
I had forgotten about it till I saw your e-mail.
Wonder if I can get money from the super fund for a clean-up!!!

Was "KA1OAA"
Now "N1TUD"
Strip Rat Dave

I had a battery that would no longer hold a charge. My uncle gave me some VX6 and then put it on the charger over night. I got 2 more years use from that battery. How about that! There is an auto store in my town that still has some available.   signed, Russ Nelson

VX-6 was made by the National Dynamics company in New York.It is a cadmium-based battery additive. I used to sell it in 1974 to gas stations in Lansing, Michigan.
 On October 15,2001, I added some of this old stuff to my dry Die Hard cell battery and the car came back to life !!! No kidding. After 26 years of shelf life. Who holds the patent now ? 
Cynthia Coon

I also  sold VX-6 in the 60's, 70's and 80;s.  I purchased some for my old 60, 6 volt Renault and my lights were so much brighter the mechanics wondered what I was using.  They doubted it worked but with the money back guarantee bought some.  They called after 2 weeks and ordered several dozen to use in customers cars.  Seems the customers sent their friends to the shop for their electrical tune up which they charged way too much for. They didn't tell the customers that all they did was put VX-6 in and put it on the charger.     At work on second shift when it was cold only my car would start so people wanted jump-starts.  I told them i'd do it if they purchased and used VX-6 so I wouldn't need to start them again and they could help someone else.  Sales at work went good because it worked.  The guys even purchased it for friends and family members.           On 01-09-02 I left my dome light on in my truck.  When I attempted to start it 01-10-02 it didn't click so I shut the dome light off and 3 hours later it started right up.  I used my last box of vx-6 on this battery and hope I can get some more.  Guess I'll check J.C. Whitney to see if they still sell it.                   I purchased it directly from National Dynamics Corp.    They moved and I lost track of them.  Fortunately I had dozens of units left to use over the years.    Tom Malcom  
I never had any idea that I was reading earth prophesy those days in the 50s @ the drug store.   DR


BATTERY ADDITIVE  catalog add as sent by RD...

n       No more dead batteries for as long as you own your car!

n       All-weather starting...stronger lights...increased battery output

n       Safe and effective for cars, boats, trucks, industrial lifts

n       One 3 oz. package is enough for any automotive battery

No matter how new or old your battery may be, it produces sulfating constantly. . .even when not in use. Sulfating (lead sulfate) is a regular chemical reaction that starts as a soft, spongy, greenish-white substance, then hardens and chokes your battery to death. You often see it even on the outside of the battery around cable connections. Sulfating is the number one cause of battery failure, and is the reason that 7 out of 10 batteries are thrown away “dead”—while they are still full of life, but checked for a free-flow outlet of energy. VX-6 dissolves sulfating in old batteries, prevents it from forming in both old and new batteries. That’s why even brand new batteries have added life when protected with VX-6. Note: Will not correct a shorted battery due to a physical condition caused by freezing or overcharging! VX-6 in your battery improves starts in any weather, in any temperature from -40° to +160° F. Make this test yourself. Add VX-6 to your battery, then with your ignition switched off, leave your bright lights on until the battery is so run down it won’t start the engine or light the lights. Wait 3 minutes with headlights off, then switch on ignition and the battery will start your car with a surge of power that it has regained during that brief 3-minute interval. Net wt. 3 oz. - enough for one 6V or 12V battery.

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