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1600 – 2000


JUNE 23, 1999, REVISED-DECEMBER 31, 2000


- MARCH 2, 1640

The following are my personal notes of Marshfield and the town that I grew up in. My name is Robert F. Cheeseman. I've lived in Marshfield for fifty-four years. I went to the South River School, Jr. High and High School. I was in the Navy Seabee’s and I am a Vietnam veteran. Upon my return home from the service I worked for the town of Marshfield for eleven years on the Tree Department, Fire Department, School Department as Head Custodian of the High School and have been employed with the Marshfield Post Office now for twenty five years. I grew up in an area known as Kent Park, which is off South River Street. Back then you could count the houses on one hand that people lived in this area year round and today there are over a hundred plus houses.
When I was growing up we use to walk everywhere. Going to Humarock (which is over the bridge) you could see the cows roaming around in the fields on Ferry Street and when you went the other way on South River Street to the center of town you would pass Ma and Pa Hayes Farm (across from the cranberry bogs.
It is important to write things down so we can pass this information on to our children so they know what it was like in Marshfield and what went on in our town.
I have done some research of the town reports and have written down what I remember of growing up in the Town of Marshfield of when and what did happen. This is the reason I would like to share these notes with the general public so they can use this information for educational purposes and also because it is a new Millennium and the beginning of the year 2000.
Since the inception of the Town the people "In Our Parents Time" has always directed it’s total effort of the principles of laws of the time, to achieve the very best for Marshfield and all it’s people. It is regrettable that there is the undercurrent of the people’s attitudes has become more pronounced in recent times. It is we the people that are the government of this town; perhaps if we in Marshfield apply ourselves to work for one town and all of the people of Marshfield, we in some mysterious way will assist in our community of the Town of Marshfield. There have been people in Marshfield now for 368 years and we are in the year of 2000, I would like to see a total review of our Town Charter to make it better to serve the people of Marshfield Tax payers. Town budgets and records keeping of this town have to be looked at, I have asked for records and the town does not have them.
In my research of Streets I have found 17 that have been accepted by town meeting articles going back for 92 years and the town has not been receiving state funding for the town to help maintain them.
     This is not a book but a quick reference of my personal notes of when and what things happened in our town. Myself, I really enjoy seeing Mr. Harold Whitcher (past representative and selectman) walking the streets. Most of all in the wintertime, he would have stockings on his hands to keep them warm or Burton Taylor landing his sea plane on the south river (from the old railroad bridge to the Willow Street bridge). It brings back memories of growing up in what we all call home "Marshfield".

PLEASE NOTE: In reference to all of my personal notes posted on these pages, they are subject to omissions and errors.

Marshfield history time line pages "IN OUR PARENTS TIME" is Dedicated to my parents John J. Cheeseman and Kathleen F. Mulry.

I hope you all enjoy reading these pages about our Town.

Bob Cheeseman (781) 837-3709
40 Somerville Street P.O. Box 27
Marshfield, Ma 02050
E-Mail Address is: Smokeycheeseman @aol.com

These are some of my memories of a place I call home " Marshfield ". Home was seeing Ollie Pratt, Bud Nagle, Mr. Rhodes, and pushing the shopping cart down the back ramp at the first national store. Stores and Business
Hubbard’s Cupboard (Glen Hubbard, Al Khoury), Stedman’s Stores, Jim’s pizza shop, Buds and Toabe’s Hardware Stores, Reeds Ark, Butners and Finebergs Clothing Store, Jordan’s Pharmacy, Duca’s 5 and 10 store, Checker Board, Inn at Main and Ferry Street, Donut Shop next to Tot’s and Teens, Greens Ice Cream store at South River and Main Streets, Green Harbor General Store, The Fix It Shop next to the A&W Root Beer Stand.
Frisbie’s Plumbing and Heating Co. and the school buses that he had.
Slims Repair Shop
Auctioneers in town were Dick Holliday, and Tory Little, auctioneering the land in Kent Park.
The Whitebrick Family ran the Airport, and the grass runway.
Burt Taylor landing his sea plane in the south river behind Thompson’s insurance (now 1 St. Stop Coffee Shop) 
Patch Chevrolet, Sinnots Oldsmobile, Andersons in the Hills, the Seaview garage on Summer Street, Gratto’s station in the center, Sonny Oxner's station, Ben Carty had a station in the center and the new one on Ocean Street, Phillips 66 Gas station on Ocean and Webster Street, and Link Davis Gas Station by the park, Trading Post (now the Gulf Station on route 139) Connor’s junkyard on Plain Street.
South River was the only Grade school in town, the schoolroom at the Alamo, the room above the old library (now Hancock paint store) and the one above the old town hall (now the Superintendent of Schools Office), It took for ever to get home from school there was only a couple of routes back then North and South.
John Flavell’s Barn and the School Buses...School Bus Drivers- Jack Schutt, Bob Hayes, Slim Garside, Dick Frisbee.
Fire Department:
Mort Leonard’s fire car, Frank Simmons, Louie Cipullo, Cliff Hunt, Beanie Colamore, Slim Garside, Ted Reeves, Harold Powell, Ennie Bourne, Egar Simmons, Mike Hevey, Al Handy. The Old Fire station had to be move out back to build the 1957 Fire Station. 
(there are actually three Fire Stations all in one building now) 
Telephone Service:
The old Telephone Company on Main Street, there was party lines then and numbers like 894-J, Temple 4-8945, 834-9489, 837-3709.
Police Department:
Chief Frank Sinnott, Charlie Sinnott, William Sullivan, Carl Held, Slim Garside, Danny Dunn, Dick Brightman, Lindy Cubbeck, Buddy Rien, Bob Frugoli, John McGowan, Bob Kelly, Charlie Chaplin, John Roderick, John Murphy, Don Ryan, Jack Woods. The station was on Dyke Road and The Police and Fire Dispatcher was Percy Robinson.
Wiley’s on Webster Street, and Tom’s on Ocean Street
The Webster Room, Ranch House, Duplex’s, Sands, Beacon, A&W Root Beer Standys, Moonbeam and Studleys 
Marteriner’s Chicken Farm (now Pine Area’s), Tony Carchia’s Farm, Peregrine White’s Farm, Ma & Pa Hayes Farm, Dwyer’s Farm, Cows on Union Street, Ferry Street, Fish Farm on Spring Street, The State Pheasant Farm and the pond out back, Peregrine White Farm Stand. 
Lumber Yards:
Taylor’s, Deman Baker’s, Foster’s, Copeland’s, Grossman’s
We had none. We listened to a radio and in latter years we finally got a television and I remember watching the Friday night fights with my Father.
We dug a hole in the ground and had a metal box were we would keep the food, the ground was damp and cool and we use to put something heavy on top of it to keep the animals out. Then we got an icebox.
We had our own wells up to 1960 when we got town water I remember having to prime the pump to get the water started, we also had rain barrels to catch the rain water for watering the garden and etc.
We had a fire place, and kerosene kitchen stoves I remember going out side to a big barrel with the bottle from the kitchen stove filling it and bring it back and putting on the back of the stove.
We had none, we had out-houses in the middle of a cold winter you had to go outside to use the out house never knowing what kind of animal you would run into. You'd hear people joking about their deeds to their property about this, but the truth of the matter is that was the state and town by-laws that the out houses had to be suitably screened.
We use to burn the trash in a big barrel in the back yard (paper) all other thing were brought to the end of the street or in later time brought to the dump. Plain Street by the Memorial Park, Pine Street, Brant Rock, and Clay Pit Road.
Burkes, Humarock, Rexham, and the South River swimming place.
Saint Christine’s at Main Street and Forest Street, and Main Street and Pine Street, Stain Ann’s by the Sea, Saint Theresa’s on Elm Street, our Lady of the Assumption on Assumption Road.
Roller Skating Rink:
Learning how to drive a car on the Daniel Webster house property with Vin Cohee. I started working at the old rink on Webster Street cleaning up after hours and I also was at the new rink on Plain Street when it opened in 1960.
Brant Rock:
The Brant Rock tower, and the town pier, Brant Rock’s movie house, bowling alley.
Square dances at Humarock Parking Lot, Clarks Store, and Claim Haven.
Rexicana Dance Hall, (Fieldston), miniature gulf course.
The Fair on the Training Green, and Marshfield Fair
Marshfield and Kingston
Kent Park:
Kent Park Clubhouse had beans and frank suppers.
Sitting at the rock in the road waiting for my father to come home from work
Picking up my Grandfather at the train station in Greenbush.
My Mother making bread and letting it rise on the stove.
Watching the Town putting in the town water, and paving the streets!
My Grandfather teaching local fishermen how to mend they’re fishing nets.
Swimming in the South River at the end of Kent Park.
Draft board:
Was above the old post office at Ocean and Moraine streets, (Ruth Hunt, Mr. Carpenter).
Expressway (route 3):
Built in 1963. Before this the main routes were route 53 and route 3A

Sources of my Research:
Fifty-Four years as a Marshfield resident
Attic Information from my Father John J. Cheeseman Jr.
Towns- Clerks, Planning Board, Zoning Board of Appeals, Department of Public Works, Department of Public Works- 
Review of private roads dated December 8, 1985
Town Street listing books
Massachusetts Highway Department, Bureau of Transportation, Planning and Development on Road inventory printout for the town of Marshfield, dated December 31, 1986 and January 30, 1997
News Papers, Marshfield Mail, Mariner, Reporter, Quincy Patriot Ledger
Maps of Marshfield- Town and County
Town Reports 1872-2000
Marshfield Tercentenary Committees Book 1640-1940 by Joseph Hager and others.
Marshfield Villages 1640-1990 by Cynthia Hager Krusell and Betty Magoun Bates.
Marshfield History Book 1901 by Lysander S. Richards
Federal and State Archives
US Postal History Library- Head Quarters Washington, DC
National Postal Museum- Washington, DC
Ventress Library, History Room
Boston Public Library
Plymouth Law Library
Land Court, Boston and Plymouth
Registry of Deeds Office, Plymouth
Plymouth County Commissioners Office
Senator Robert Hedlunds Office
Representative Frank Hynes Office
State House Bill on Streets, #4042, Dated May 20, 1997

1. David Riley - Use of his Web Site www.radiocom.net for Marshfield's History Time Line....    (Cheesemans "IN OUR PARENTS TIME"- Thank You for letting our Town read these notes.
2. David Riley - Information on Professor Reginald Fessenden tower- Worlds first radio broadcast from (Brant Rock) Marshfield, Ma.
3. Philip Shannon e-mailed me the location of this building the first Town Hall of Marshfield.


There was Missauctucket, Wampatuck, and Machippo Indians in this area before the Pilgrims landed.
The Indians called Marshfield "Missaucatucket"

Marshfield second reverend and first reverend to serve the first church was from the Village of Marshfield, County of Gloucestershire, England.

Town of Marshfield is thirty two miles south of Boston, it is nine miles long, three miles wide, a total of (28.35) square miles, there are five miles of coast line, and is made up of fifty percent- upland, and fifty percent of wetland before the wetland were reclaimed starting in 1871. It got its name I would say as to there being so much marshland and so many fields of the time. (Marshfield) 

1620 Pilgrims Landed.

1632 Pilgrim times of Green Harbour, Wrexham and Marshfield.

1632-1700 No records were being signed until Isaac Winslow in the early 1700's

1633 & 1636 The general court ordered a canal dug from Duxbury Bay crossing Canal St., Beach St. and out into the Green Harbor River. 
(18 feet wide and 6 feet deep)

11-8-1665 Municipality Names: Greens Harbour, Wrexham, Rexham, Marshfield was granted a Township.
( Note;)
Law granted this, but I cannot find anywhere that Marshfield was incorporated; I have been told that the incorporation was under the instant Law of granting of the land to the Town. But again I cannot find anywhere that it was voted on to accept the Incorporation of a Township until a town meeting voted on March 14, 1970, Article 56 establishing the date of the Town as March 2, 1640. Three different dates, Names on the town seal and (330 years later). The Town is incorporated.

If I remember before the acceptance of the Town Charter in 1975, some one questioned this, maybe this is why the Town voted to use the date above. Other Towns listed show their granting of their Incorporation and date voted. 

Therefore the Towns people voted to use the date March 2, 1640 and by that vote and the instant law of a Township Marshfield did vote on a Township-Incorporated.

Township- Villages / Districts Names were; Brant Rock, Center Marshfield, Ferry Hill, Green Harbour (Duxbury Beach), Fieldston, Marshfield Hills (East Marshfield), North Marshfield, Ocean Bluff, Wrexham, Seaview, and Standish (Route 139 area). Ply. Co. Rec.Vol.xi, pg.37

1640 Town Seal has three different dates, and also three difference Names
1641 Green's Harbour, Wrexham, and Marshfield.
1642 Acts of 1899 C-256, Sec. 2, Acts of 1900, March 5th. Also See Town Seal 3-14-1970, Article 56 to use the of date 1640.

June 1, 1641 Rexham is mentioned under "Committees of Seuall Tounes" Ply. Col. Rec.Vol.ii, pg.16

March 2,1641 Rexham is mentioned in the list of places for which Constables were chosen?
M.G.L.C- 41, Sec. 93, 94.

Sept. 7, 1641 In a list of rates of the Towns appears " Rexham / Marshfield " with a line drawn
Through Rexham, Ply. Vol. Rec. Vol.ii, pg.9

1642 Timothy Williamson was a Surveyor; he severed on a Jury that Surveyed the Ways of Marshfield. He was also a Constable of the Town.

1643 Registry of Deeds (County of Plymouth) all transaction (Recordings) was done at this office.

1643 Paquot Indian War

March 7, 1643 Bounds of the town was established.

9-27-1643 Town meeting- First official meeting, see 4-5-1667

11-8-1665 Town Raters (Assessors) Appointed (Assessors), Edward Buckly, Thomas Bourne, & William Brook.

2-14-1643 Moderator Appointed, and what his duties were in holding a meetings.

3-30-1645 Ways of the township were laid out by the town- appointed were, Edward Winslow, Thomas Bourne, Robert Baker, and William Brooks. Also at a later time Deacon John Foster was appointed.

11-8-1665 First Public Funded School (So. School) in America. 

12-16-1646 Town Clerk (Keeper of Records) of Births, Marriages, and Deaths. Josiah Winslow 1646-1674, John Bourne 1674-1683, Nathaniel Holmes 1683-1700, Isaac Winslow 1700-1738, John Winslow 1738-1739.

2-5-1649 Town taking care of the poor

1650 A network of ways evolved that gave outlying areas direct routes to center Marshfield at (Grove Street, Ferry Street, and Elm Street)

1653 Raters or Assessors - voted compulsory taxable property returns were to be filed within six days after being chosen.

1659 Town pound Keeper, Timothy Wlliamson (Surveyor) 

3-5-1661 A certain tract of land was granted to Marshfield and Duxbury.

5-19-1662 Constables were ordered by town meeting to post meetings in writing a week before the day of the meeting.

7-9-1662 Major Josiah Winslow and forty-four other proprietors of the township of Marshfield bought the Indian land of the Town of Marshfield, which follows, 6 pounds 10 shillings = about $ 10.00 at today's rate. 1 pound = $ 1.62

11-8-1665 Indian Lands to the town of Marshfield

The copy of the towns purchase from Josiah Chichatabut to all to whom these presents shall come; Josiah Chichatubut alias Wampatuck Indian Sachem sendeth greeting' Knowing ye that I the said Josiah for good considerations me thereunto moving have given, granted, bargained, and sold and by there presents, do bargain sell give grant alien and confirm and make over all my right tile and interest in or unto all and singular the lands contained within the township of Marshfield in the jurisdiction of new Plymouth in New England in America together with all woods waters meadows marshes mines and minerals and all and singular the benefits privileges immunities and profits thereunto appertaining, unto my very good friend major Josiah Winslow in the behalf of himself and the rest of the inhabitants and proprietors of the aforesaid town, from me, my heirs executors and assigns forever for a valuable consideration to me in hand paid, wherewith I do acknowledge myself to be fully satisfied, and for the same do acquit and set them free from all future claims and demands respecting the premises only reserving to myself and my men free liberty of hunting with our guns (Not setting traps) and also for fowling and fishing, and liberty to fell now and then a tree for canoes, and for the true performance hereof and of the particulars herein me respecting I do hereby firmly bind and oblige myself my heirs, executors and assigns forever.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this fourteenth day of
October anno domini 1665

The mark of Josiah Chichatabut and a seal signed sealed and delivered in presence of away annumma The mark of Machippo Indian

Whereas I Josiah Winslow at the request of this own of Marshfield did in their behalf purchase of the Indian sachem the lands of this town, which is mentioned above; know all men to whom these presents shall come that I do by these presents resign up the land here above mentioned unto the proprietors of this town and their heirs forever.

In witness whereof I have set thereunto my hand the twenty fifth of June 1666

Josiah Winslow

4-5-1667 Selectmen First Appointed, Mark Eames, Anthony Snow, and John Bourne.

1670 Freemen of the Township were: Major Josiah Winslow, Samuel Arnold, Kenelm Winslow, Josiah Winslow Sr., Thomas Bresheck, Captain Nathaniel Thomas, and Lieut. Peregrine White, John Dingley, Robert Carver, Anthony Snow, John Bourne, Anthony Eames, Ensign Mark Eames, William Ford Sr., Resolved White, Timothy Williamson, John Rouse, Mosses Trouant, William Holmes, William Ford Jr., John White, Nathaniel Thomas, Joseph Rogers, Nathaniel Winslow, John Foster, Jacob Dingley, and Michael Ford.
(27 voters all male)

1675 King Phillips Indian War, Marshfield sent 26 men and 7 lost their lives.

2-23-1683 Bounds between Marshfield and Duxbury established.

1685 Population was almost 400 citizens (65 years after the pilgrims landed in 1620)

1690-1871 Ship Building of Marshfield.

1692-1740 Colonial Times of Marshfield.

1692 Treasurer (First) Thomas Macomber

1692 1692 A Jury of Edward Winslow, William Thomas, Thomas Bourne, Robert Baker, and William Brooks laid Out-ways of the town. These ways were signed and Reported to the town for approval and then recorded with the general court at Plymouth registry of deeds office.

BY: ROBERT F. CHEESEMAN (781) 837-3709
JUNE 23, 1999



1700’s There was an old school house some where between Webster Street and the Towns Training Green.

3-21-1712 Bounds - part included in the new town of Pembroke.

1740 - 1776 Royalist Times of Marshfield.

1740 Moderator, for the first 100 years were the Selectmen of the town meeting, also the Representatives of the general court was done in the same manner as above. 

1776 - 1840 Federal Times of Marshfield.

Churches kept most of our records dating back to 1641, but now the people start going to a Town Hall. 1838

11-8-1782 Bounds between Marshfield and Scituate established.

1784 Mention is made to a 1784 town map

1786 Selectmen were Authorized by State Laws- Acts of 1786 C- 67, to build Private Ways or Streets, and these Ways are all recorded at the Plymouth County Registry of Deeds Office. No plans of Ways could be recorded unless approved by the Town of Marshfield.

3-10-1788 Bounds, part of Scituate annexed.

1794 Reference is made to a 1794 map of the town.

BY: ROBERT F. CHEESEMAN (781) 837-3709
JUNE 23, 1999


There was talk about dividing the Town for the second time by Jedediah Little to make a North and South Marshfield.

1800’s Trading Post Store & Gas station (route 139)1880’s –1926 South Shore Hospitals- 575 Summer St., In 1926 changed to a convalescent home. Burned in March of 1934
9-11-1800 Post Office (South Marshfield) Marshfield established.
1810 - 1851 School (Factory School) Plain Street.
1822 - 1857 School (old South School) Parsonage Street.
6-9-1824 Post Office (North Marshfield) established.
1824 First Methodist Church
1827 Sea Wall - Acts of 1827 (February)
6-14-1813 Bounds between Marshfield and Duxbury established.
1832 - 1852 Daniel Webster spends his last twenty years here in Marshfield.
Way- an agent was chosen at the town meeting to meet the county commissioners at Daniel Webster’s in Marshfield, respecting the location of a road petitioned for by said Webster and others. Capt. Bourne Thomas was chosen agent for the purpose, the agent was instructed to oppose the location of the road petitioned for by Daniel Webster and others. The County Commissioners however authorized the building of the Road Which ran from the end of Webster Street to the Duxbury town line, Known today as part of Careswell Street. The County Commissioners however authorized the building of the Road Which ran from the end of Webster Street to the Duxbury town line, Known today as part of Careswell Street.
3-23-1837 - Post Office (East Marshfield) established, Later 10-28-1890 to become Marshfield Hills.

Towns first Town Hall or Public House built on Main Street or route 3A across the street from the Towns tree farm is located today. The building was moved and today still stands out behind the Bridgeway Inn.( See end notes #3)This is were our town moderator comes in because of holding public meetings some one has to be in charged, in the moderators absent then a constable could rule over these meetings. Before 1838 these town meetings were held in the many (5) First Congregational Church.
1838 Reference is made to a Squire John Ford- 1838 map of the Town.
1840 - 1866 Stage Coach services of Marshfield.
1850 - 1876 Keene’s store (School & Plain St.) Taken down (1970)

Clifton H. March Insurance Company- established by John Baker 
(2036 Ocean Street)

Concord Stage Coach- Charles T. Hatch bought the Concord Coach from Abbott Downing Co in Concord N.H. for $ 675.00, it was called the Tally Ho, and was used for delivery service. Its route was the Marshfield to Hingham, and that is were the boat came in from Boston. Later on the town restored the coach and the town still owns it. 
John H. Flavell bought the company in 1891 - 1926.
1857 School (South Grammar) 2033 Ocean Street, now Hancock Paint Store.
1857- Church Second Methodist, last service was in 1917.
1858 Church (Wesleyan Chapel) South River Street.
1860 Adelaide Phillips house burned July 9 th.
1862-1867 South Marshfield Farmer Club (Now Marshfield Fair)
1862 Way- Neck Road (Ocean St.)

Webster’s Hotel - (Center St.) Landing Rd & Careswell St. today Brien’s Place.
Other names - Sear Hotel, Green Harbor Hotel, Riverside House., Owners 1903 lot J. Madan, 1941 Edward Duplex., Burned down on Nov.16, 1964

Hotels were built in the south part of town; Churchill Hotel 1866 – 1909, Brant Rock House 1874 – 1938, Ocean House 1875 – 1973, Fairview Hotel 1874 – 1998, Atlantic House 1789 - ?, Peace Haven Hotel & Annex 1903 - 1940

Fire Department was Organized under the Board of Engineers, Company One (Brant Rock), Company Two (Marshfield Hills), Company Three (Marshfield) each company having (25) fire fighters. The Board of Engineers consisted of a Chief Engineer, a Captain, and a Fire Fighter from each Company. Fire Chiefs: Charles Bartlett, Morton Leonard, Frank Simmons, Darrell Smith, Edgar Simmons, Louis Cipullo, Frederick Gibbon, and Roy McNamee.

Fair- Marshfield Agricultural Society, also known as the South Farmers Club Which was established in 1862.1867-1938 Railroad- services of Marshfield., also (See 1938 Bus Service)
Green Harbor Village & Green Harbor Beach started being developed, Green Harbor Park started in 1947

Railroad Duxbury & Cohasset extended service to; Littltown (Sea View)- 53-Station St. So. Marshfield Center- town parking lot. Webster’s Place- North side of Careswell St. Near the Duxbury line.
1872 Dyke Road- (improved in 1879)

Fair Exhibition Hall was built by John Baker (this building was damaged by a storm) in 1898 and was rebuilt. (This building was also use by the School Department.)
1872- Railroad- Duxbury & Cohasset, N.Y., New Haven & Hartford,
6-24-1939 and the Old Colony lines ended their service to the town and the tracks were removed.
Ways- Town Selectmen’s Report, there were (13) Surveying Crews building all of our ways here today of the town using state laws of the time. Along with the elected town moderator, town meeting warrants articles and appointed prudential committees of citizens of Marshfield. The Selectmen Authorized to build Private Ways in the Town of Marshfield. By State Laws- Acts of 1786 C- 67 Also see 6-13-1942 selling surveyors equipment art.7

1876 – 1940 
The Town was a recreational area for hunting, Camps, Summer homes, and the ocean.

Ways of Marshfield were named, there Was two main thoroughfares, Main Street, Union Street, and the rest were secondary ways of the town; Corn Hill Ave., West Street, Highland Street, Oak Street, Forest Street, Valley Street, Pine Street, School Street, Lone Street, Plain Street, Spring Street, Furnace Street, Crow Street, Summer Street, Prospect Street, Bow Street, Pleasant Street, Canoe Tree Street, Elm Street, Sea Street, Ferry Street, Grove Street, South River Road, Willow Street, Mount Skirgo St., Ocean Street, Moraine Street, Acorn Street, Walnut Street, Winslow Street, Webster Street, Parsonage Street, Careswell Street, Canal Street, Beach Street, Marginal Street, South Street, Rock Street, Short Street, and Station Street.
11-26-1877 Post Offices (Centre Marshfield) established.

6-4-1878 Post Office (Brant Rock) established.
1879 Hotel- Atlantic house 1879
1879 Marshfield Company Store was built on 52 Main Street.
1879 Charles Sear’s Store - corner of Marginal St. & (Center St.) Landing Rd.
1879 Way- Dyke Road was built connecting Green Harbor to Brant Rock.

Elected Selectmen/Assessors of the town of Marshfield, Art. 2
(acts of 1878 C- 255)
Also see year 1970 Selectmen / Assessors ended
Villages / Districts / Town Government
Mass. General Laws C- 41,Sec.1- 81, County Commissioners : Mass.General.Laws C- 79, Sec. 1- 45 (Eminent Domain) C- 82, Sec. 1- 40 (County Commissioners) Selectmen / Prudential Committees Mass.General.Laws C- 39, Sec. 9- 24 (Town Government) C - 40, Sec. 1- 53 (Duties of the Town) C-41, Sec. 62- 81 (Officers in Charge of Roads) C - 79, Sec. 1- 45 (Eminent Domain) C - 82, Sec. 17- 25 (Selectmen- Committees) Selectmen / Assessors ended (1970) also see 1-31-1879 Department of Public Works established 1971, Art.73
1880 Sea Wall- in pictures show as wooden sea walls at Brant Rock and Ocean Bluff.
6-7-1880- Post Office (Sea View) established.

Seth Ventress Building- Given to the Town for purposes of a Library, Town Hall, High School, Police Station, and now the School Administration Offices. (Completed-1895)
1885-1915 Funeral Parlor (George H. Chandler) 22 Main Street.
1885-1897 Bates Shoe Shop - 88 Highland St.
2-12-1886- Post Office (Castle Cove) established.

5-24-1886 Post Office (Green Harbor) established.
5-11-1887 Bounds between Marshfield and Scituate established.

Schools - Superintendent of Schools established for the Towns of Marshfield, Duxbury, and Scituate established. Before this the towns had School Committee’s that ran the schools. In 1926 Duxbury drop out, 1940 Scituate drops out. Superindents were; Harold Wingate ending in 1953, Edwin Martinson 1953-1964, Lawrence Green 1964-1968, Richard Burgess 1968-1972, Robert Peebles 1972-1975, Donald Sipes 1975-1979, Daniel Bresnahan 1979-1990, William Hurley 1990-1998, Robert Neeley 1998- 2000.

Way- Ireland, Preston Terrace, Carlton Rd, Pollard Rd, Columbia Rd, Grandview Ave., Ferry Hill Rd.
1890 Board of Health was established
1890 Way- High Rd (Ocean St.)
10-28-1890 Post Office (Marshfield Hills) established.
1890 Marshfield Bird Farm - Ocean and Webster Streets.
1891 The Webster Grange established.
1892 Bridge, there was no bridge before this date, joining Humarock.
1893 US Life Station built on Ocean St.
1894 Brant Rock Fish Market, Charlie Phillips 1894 – 1960, Hank Dunbar 1960 - present
1894 Garreston Cranberry Bogs built-230 Moraine Street.
Town Hall was at the Ventress Building on South River Street, and the site was also used for the High School.
1895 Union Chapel- Brant Rock was built- see Churches
1897 Cliff Rogers Library - now at 540 Pleasant St.
1899 John Foster Lumber Company was established at 829 Webster Street.

Town Seal also see 3-5-1900 Art. 19 Acts of 1899 C 256, Sec 2
also see 3-14-1970 Art. 56

Sea Walls, see town reports: 1900, 1902, 1910,1915, 1916, 1919, 1920,1924, 1925, 1927, 1928, 1930, 1931, 1932, 1940, 1941, 1943, 1945, 1946, 1947, 1948, 1949, note: acts 1946 C-563 (start again in 1950)

1899 Sea Walls " Jetties " were built in Green Harbor

Marshfield 1800
By: Robert F Cheeseman (781) 837-3709
June 23, 1999
Revised: December 31, 2000


1900 Ways
Abington Village was Built by Bradley Brant 
(Shawmut Ave to St. Ann’s Church).
1900 Seal Acts of 1899 C 256 Sec 2, Art 19 See 3-14-1970, Art. 56
Green Harbor Village - (86) Houses, (3) Hotels, Webster Hotel (Carsewell St.), Hotel Johnston (north side of Beach St near Careswell St.), Riverside Inn (old Sears building end of Landing Rd.) Also Green Harbor Beach - (73) houses (1) Hotel, Winslow House near (Beach St. & Careswell St) Burned 1940
1900 Fair- Grandstand was built.
1900 Mary’s Boat Yard opened, 100 moorings.
1900 Black’s Smith Shop - 130 Prospect St.
1900 Carver's Grocery Store - 150 Old Main St.
Wooden Water Tank (50,000 gals.) Hancock St, part of the Bradley Brant mineral spring and pumping station.
1900 Street Lights were installed in Brant Rock.
1900-1971 Estes Candy Kitchen (Ocean St.) opened., burned down on?
1900-1907 S. G. Capen Store - Ocean St at Ocean Bluff.
1900 Silver Lake House - gift shop opened on Middle St.
1900 Tradd & Paynes Store opened on Middle St.
1900 Post Office (Standish) established.
1900-1920 Hardware Store (Ralph Newdicks) 2000-2008 Ocean St.
1901 Charles Mclaughlin Store - Marginal St., Addition built in 1907 (ell)
1903 Albert Inn - 13 Beach St. Also known as Mabel Cottages
Hotel - Peace Haven Hotel & Annex 1903 – 1940, Building taken down to build houses in that area.
1903 South River Street Cranberry Bogs where built.
Webster Spring Co, later on the Pilgrim Spring Fresh Water Co- Spring St & Highland St.
1903 Damon Carriage Factory - 189 Old Main St
1905 Fair- 1/4 mile track built.
1905 - 1915 
Professor Reginald Fessenden makes the World First Radio Voice Broadcast (1906) at Brant Rock-Part of Marshfield,Ma. 
(see end notes 2)
1906 - 1941 Rockwood Inn & Rrestaurant opened on South St.
1907 Ways
Webster Park (Number Roads area) builders Bradley Brant (Marshfield), John Foster (Hanson), Hoarse Maglathlin (Kingston) and in 1918 H.S. Kelsey. Webster Park House Lots, Water front $ 250.00, Row back from the ocean 175.00, $150.00, $100.00 Rest of the lots were #1.00, Houses cost $ 1,600.00. In 1929 H.S. Kelsey set aside 10 water front lots for the use of the neighborhood between 3rd and 5 th. Rd.
1907 Order of the Eastern Star established
Board of Survey 3-12, M.G.L. C-41, Sections 73 - 81 accepted for use by our Selectmen / Road Commissioners, also the use of M.G.L. C-82, Sections 21 - 25. Acts of 1907 C - 191, Sec. 1 - 9 3-12-07 (Towns) Acts of 1916, C - 190, Sec. 1 - 9 5-10-16 (City)
1909 Ford Insurance Agency 1084 Ocean Street.
First Telephone Company 52 Main Street, Moved to 169 Main St, moved again to new building of it’s own in 1957 at 200 Main St.
1910 Post Office - 6-8 (Rexham) established.
Feinberg Department Store- 1880 Ocean Street., Building taken (1999) down for a new Cvs Drug Store.
1913 Post Office - (Ocean Bluff) established 7-14
Marshfield Cranberry Co. (George H. Chandler) inventor of the cranberry scoop in (1931)
1913 (4-16) 
Planning Board- (Selectmen- Board of Survey) M.G.L. C- 41, Sections 70-72 Accepted for use by our Selectmen. (Ordinances, Regulations, By-Laws. M.G.L. C- 40, Sections 25 – 30 Acts of 1913 C- 494, Sec. 1
US Coast Guard took over the US Life Saving Station, on Ocean St. (built in 1893), Station closed in 1947, and was taken down by the Town in 1967.
Town Clerks carried on town business from There homes being no Central Clerk’s Office 1919 Sears Building burned down?
1919 5-28 Charles C. Langille Garage & Gas Station (Summer St)
1919 11-8 
Building Code (By-Laws), article 14, accepted in 1920 Road Commissioners Established, Article 11 also see in 1972., M.G.L. C- 41, Sec. 63, 3-1-1920, Article 2, 3-5-1928, Article 26, appointed (3) Members, Road commissioners ended 1972.
1919 12-31 
Fire/ Water Districts, Article 38 Sewer Wagon for the restricted areas of zoning - for Green Harbor, Brant Rock, Ocean Bluff. The rest of the Town was Zoned Un-Restricted areas.
There were a lot of changes - Ways were paved for the First Times, Town got Public Water and built its First High School building.
Highway Garage established at the Center Garage (Ferry St), the Town only had one Tractor and rented all other equipment.
1920 Growth and Laws changed a lot at this time.
1920 Green Harbor Park - 10,000 square foot lots selling for $ 25.00 per lot.
1920-1965 Marshfield State Game Farm (Plaza East)
1920-1930 Canoe Tree Spring Water Co. (Mr. Rogers) off Pleasant St.
1920 Dr McBrides 1273 Old Main St (Dentist)
Rod & Gun Club - Incorporated Aug - 1930-1950 purchased land on School St. later on Helen Hall gave additional land to club, for the club house, there is a 100 acres of land and also land is owned off Carsewell St was built in 1952, addition built in 1960, Brook was dammed in 1953 to build the Pond.
Drug Store, Meat Market, Barber Shop were the Hills Store is today on Prospect St.
1920 Fish Hatchery - Spring St & Highland St.
1920-1949 Hardware Store (Toabe’s) 2000-2008 Ocean Street
1920 3-1 Supt. Of Streets, Article 2 was appointed., M.G.L. C- 41, Sec. 66, 68.
1921 6-11 Ways- Of Marshfield Estates, Section A, Section one (Telegraph Hill & Kent Park Area's)
State Police patrolled the town at this time. (6-14-1942) Marshfield Police Department established, Article 3 1922-1978 School Buses were Operated by Lloyd Frisbee for 53 years.
1922 5-28 
Marshfield County Club started in 1919 on the Thomas Farm in Ocean Bluff. The land was purchased in 1921,1929, and more land was purchased in 1930. The 2nd. nine holes were completed in 1976. The Club House burned down, and a new club house was built in 1978.
1923 Ways- Of Marshfield Estates, Section two (Silver Pines Area)
1923 4-29 
Board of Survey, Article 14 (By-Laws Articles 1 - 12) M.G.L. C- 41, Sec. 73 - 81 By-Laws Article 6, Sec. 1.
1923 5-26 
Alamo (High School) Article 4 $ 45,000.00 Architects, Rogers & Dion, Boston, Frank E. Rogers. General Contractor- John Baker, Marshfield $ 36,173.00. heat & ventilation - B.S. Walsh, Brockton $4,550.00 - plumbing - Thomas F. Harney, Plymouth $ 1,920.00 wiring & electrical fixtures, John J. O’Brien, $ 590.00. land article 2, $ 4,000.00 Water Tank; Brant Rock (wooden 50,000 gal. tank) Bradley Bryant - Brant Rock Water Co., fed from a Mineral spring on Dyke Road serviced 1,000 homes. Water Tank- Tower Avenue
1923 - 1941 
Church- Saint Ann’s, Ocean Bluff Burned down fire of 1941. Mass was held in the Fieldston Ball room in the summer months, and was held in the Fire station in the winter months. In 1946 - there was a temporary Church moved there from Framingham it was an old Army Chapel, and in 1957 a New church was built.
1923-1943 Wayside press greeting cards - 94 Union St.
1925-1941 Fieldston on the Atlantic ballroom was opened.
American Legion established in town, the building on Ocean St. was built in the 1950’s
1926 8-19 Charles C. Langille Insurance co (211 summer St)
1926-1940 Brick Factory, price .03 cents each - Pine St.
1926 - 1934 
Convalescent & Chronic Home was now built in the old So. Shore Hospital at 575 Summer St. Burned in 1934.
Island off Dyke Rd – there was two house built on this Ireland, the second house burned in 1970.
Stage Coach stops running by John T. Flavell, which was started in 1891. Mr. Flavell now starts a Motor Bus Company.
1926 Water Pump Station (Old Mount Skirgo St.)
1926 Water Tank- Pudding Hill
1926 Off Canal St horse back riding school (Porters)
Historical Society- Established- L.S. Richards- President, Granville Damon, Charles Peck- Vice Presdents, Blanch G. Wetherbee- Secretary, Lizzie Flavel- Treasure, Sarah E. Leonard, Amelia Watkens, Henrietta Hall, Joseph Sherman, George Baker, and Erastus Williamson-Directors.
Way Main Street (Country Way to Scituate) was rebuilt and widened to become a State Road (3A), this stopped going through the Hills Village
Way - Ocean St widening of Ocean St, acts of 1927, Chapter 249, buildings on the Green Harbor side of Ocean St had to be moved back into the marshlands.
1927 - 1971 Water Tank- Pleasant St.
1927 Flush toilets installed in the Hills School for the first time. Article 21.
1927 4-8 Towns first public Water System, Article 29., Companies as follows; 1.) Brant Rock Water Co, (Bradley Bryant serviced the Brant Rock area. 
2. George H. Thomas water system (serviced the Brant Rock area)
3.) Fieldston Water Co. (Joseph Spang serviced the Fieldston area. )
4.) Cedar Hill System (Howard Baker serviced the Green Harbor area)
5.) Humarock Beach Water Co. (also known as Crosby Water Co serviced the Seaview and Humarock beach areas for the Town of Scituate) All the above companies were used until 1946.
1927-8 Town built the Tower Ave water tank and was used until 1946
Ocean Breeze Bar & Grill (Arthur Tradd) esplanade, Venus two, 1975 Nick Drosopoulos
1928 3-5 Police Officers are paid .75 cents per hour. Art. 13
1928 Sandy’s Restaurant- Dyke Rd.
1928 3-23Bounds between Marshfield and Scituate established.
1928 Haddad’s Ocean Street Cafe started on the esplanade.
Marshfield Hills Chrysler garage open on Main St, by the Anderson family, later closed and moved to 975 Plain St.
1929 Sunrise Beach Association was established for forty years until 1967.
Population of Brant Rock, Ocean Bluff and Green Harbor were 329 houses, 4 hotels, and there were 61 fishermen / lobstermen year round.
1929 3-4 
First sets of Traffic Lights installed at Moraine and Ocean Streets, Article 17. Dental Clinics are in our schools, Article 23, Acts of 1929, C- 111, Sec. 50. 
1929 Comfort Station was built in Brant Rock.
1930 Population 1,625
Water; Humarock Water Co. supplied the Humarock area of Scituate with water.
1930 State Highway barn was on Main St., were ABC Co is today.
1930 Humarock Marina on Ferry St. opened by (Bob Boles)
1930 - 1958 Worthington-Gas Station-Brant Rock
1930 Wet Wash (Stanley Baker) Route 139 & 3A (See-1948 Memorial Park)
Girl Scout’s started in Marshfield- Holly Troop, Pine Cone Troop, and today there are 25 troops of Daisies, Cadets, & brownies
1930 Ways- Emery Rd, Upland Rd, Dwight Rd.
Fife’s Grocery & Meat Market (Ocean St.) next to the Ocean Cafe. - also known as Whitman Market.1930 First National Store - middle of the esplanade
1930-1940 A & P Grocery Store 52 Main Street
1930-1950 Eli’s Linen Store, Brant Rock, burned down in 1960
1930-1940 A.R. Parker ice cream stands Main & So. River Street.
1930-1960 Marshfield Inn, Main & Ferry Streets
1930 3-3 Comfort Station (Brant Rock) installed, Article 8
1930 Traffic Lights installed (2nd set)- Main & Highland Streets, Article 22.
1930 - 1958 Police Station was the old Brant Rock School House on Dyke Rd
Sea Shore Group- Daniel Webster Improvement Group formed to preserve the seashore.
1930 Peacock Tea Room - 235 Pleasant St
Meat, ice & milk was still being sold from a wagon going around town from Little’s Farm.
Way- Route 139, Plain St (old Mattakeesett Way to Pembroke) under then Governor James Michael Curley " way was known as Curley’s Red Road " (because of the red color of the road) was improved at a cost of $ 450,000, and it was mandated that a sidewalk, be built from the Pembroke line to Moraine St. The town fathers did not like the extra expense of $ 40,000 the walkways were built to provides the only safe route for pedestrians to walk.
1931 Sea Walls "Jetties " were re-built in Green Harbor (first built in 1899)
Girl Scout’s Day Camp "Wy-Sibo" - 381 Union St, this area was also an Indian site.
Sea Walls built (Brant Rock to Fieldston) $200,000.00 1/6th. Paid by abutters (15.00) per foot of and 1/6th. Paid by town 1/6th. Paid by county And balance paid by the state Built by the (WPA) workers progress administration Hourly wages were .35 cents per hour. Waterfront owners built their own stairs to the beach with all other homes paying $10.00 each toward the expense.
HP Hood Milk Co. bought 575 Summer St, the barn next to the house is where all the farmers brought their milk to be sold and bottled for delivery.
Sea Rivers Association (Ministers Hill) 100 acres from So. River St to the Rexham Beach Ocean. Part of this land later on would become the town beach. (1950) 
Sea Rivers Association - named was changed in 1973 to Sea Rivers Trust.
Way - after the improvements to Route 139, Furnace St, Pine St, and School Streets were paved for the first time leaving only (3) miles of dirt roads in town at that time!
1936 Water pump station; Furnace Brook # 1 (Furnace Pond)
1936 North Community Church - see churches.
1936 3-1 Water Commissioners, Article 29, Acts of 1920 C- 405, Sec. 9.
1936 4-8 
Planning Boards - Selectmen, Board of Survey, M.G.L. C - 41, Sec. 81A – 81J Article 18, Acts of 1936, C- 211, Sec. 1, 3, 4 4-8-1936, Acts of 1938, C- 113 3-17-1938
Police Headquarters, moves from Town Hall to Brant Rock, Marginal St. and Dyke Rd. (Selectmen Report)
1938 - 1952 
Bus Service of Marshfield Green Harbor, Brant Rock, Marshfield to the railroad station at Greenbush (Scituate)
1938 Camp Millbrook opened 
1938 Old Mount Skirgo Cranberry Corporation, 134 Old Main Streets.
1938 Water Pump Station; Parsonage St. # 1 (out of service)
Historical Society- Members, Joesph C. Hagar, E.C. Ford, Welthea Ford, Grace C. Damon, and Edith T. Sears.
Population? Election for Annual Town Meeting Votes 1,048 (580 males and 468 female)
1938-1940 Hardware Store (Toabe’s) 2000-2008 Ocean Street.
1939 - Last train over the North River from Boston.
1939 Tax Collector- established
1939 4-16 
Superintendents of Highways, Article 2 Appointed by Selectmen / Road Commissioners.
1939 12-4 
Schools Senior citizen housing, (High School) (Jr. High School), (Grace Ryderl)
1940 3-4 
Tree Warden established, Article 24, Act of 1939, C- 3 Town accepts railroad property, Article 35. Town is authorized to sell railroad property Art.36
Webster Hotel (Landing Rd & Careswell St) Burned - Nov. 16, 1964 owner Edward Duplex 
1940 Marshfield Inn opened at Route 3A and Ferry St
1940 Band Concerts were held on the Esplanade
1940 - 1970 Charlie’s Clam Snack Bar - Brant Rock.
Beacon Novelty Shop (Mrs. Cassett) Esplanade and Low Rd. by Tingley’s Restaurant.
1940 Horton’s Bakery open in Brant Rock.
1940 Tercentenary Celebration 1640-1940 300 hundred years.
1940 School (Alamo) town first High School.
Ventress Library moves to the old So. Grammar School, Town Hall takes over the Ventress Building.
1940 Taylor’s Saw Mill & Lumber Company built on Ocean Street.
Hardware (Toabe’s) 1901 Ocean Street, Butner’s Clothing Store, Duca’s 5 & 10 Cent Store, Jordan’s Pharmacy, Wrerrity Drug Store, First National Store (moved to Plaza East) Barber Shop Fieldston Gas Station.
Selectmen/Planning Board M.G.L. C- 41, Sec. 81A – 81J, Article 3, Article 38
1940 Alot of changes on growth at this time.
1940 Ways - Juniper Rd, Glen Rd
Draft / Selective Service Board, Above the old Post Office Mrs. Hunt, wife of Dep. Fire Chief., Now you have to register with new Post Office on Stratton Ane. 12-2-1998 now you also can use e-mail. And the Post Office is now at 111 Snow Road.
1941 12-7 WW- II starts, and ends 8-12-1945. See list of veterans.
Town of Marshfield organization chart; After the fire of 1941 Voters Elect; Constables, Moderator, Town Clerk, and Treasurer, Tax Collector, Trustees of Soldiers Memorial, Board of Health, Water Commissioners, Library Trustees, Tree Warden, School Committee, Selectmen Selectmen act as / or appoint; Town Accountant, Inspector of Animals, Board of Appeal, Assistant Assessors, Assessors Clerk, Building Inspector, Burial Agent, Dog Officer, Superintendent of Cemeteries, Fence Viewers, Field Drivers, Finance Committee, Engineers, Forest Warden, Harbor Master, Highway Superintendent, Keeper of Lockup, Measure of Lumber, Office Assistant, Old Age Assistance Bureau, Moth Superintendent, Chief of Police, Police Officers, Registrars, Shellfish Warden, Inspector of Slaughter, Sealer of Weights and Measures, Public Weighers, Welfare Agent, Measurer of Wood and Bark, Assessors, Board of Public Welfare, Road Commissioners, and appointed Prudential Committees of members of the towns tax payers. (or poll paying tax members) also see 1975 Town Charter.April 21,1941- The Great Fire of the Ocean Bluff section of Marshfield, which destroyed in three hours claiming (456) houses, (96) garages, (12) stores, (2) hotels, (1) casino, (1) post office, and (1) church, (30) families were left homeless and in most cases escaping, only with the clothes on their backs. This brought forward for the first time better sub-division of plates of land. Because of the war, rebuilding did not really get started until 1946.
Aug. 15,1941 Selectmen/Planning Board/Board of Survey, M.G.L. C- 41, Sec. 81F – 81J Acts of 1941 C- 628, Articles 15,18(Sub-Division of Plates for the first time was talked about for the town) Also see 1959 Selectmen’s Report on the Acts of 1941 fire.NOTE; Unrestricted zoning areas of the town was adopted for the first time, Article 19 Before this there was (2) Zoning Areas of town. Restricted -Green Harbor, Brant Rock, and Ocean Bluff. The rest of the town was un-restricted areas 
1941 Sea Walls - " Jetties " were built of Hewitt’s Point
Tower 70 feet Brant Rock built for WW- II, it was 8 stories high, 14 feet square, with 12 " reinforced walls.
1942-1968 Gravel Pit (Marshfield Sand & Gravel) Bob Ames & John T. Flagg
1942 6-13 
Police Department, established - Article 3 Note; Town survey instruments used by Surveying Grews building all the town Ways / Streets projects of the town are authorized to sell, Art.7 also see 1875, Selectmens Report (13) Survey Grews) 1924, page 7 (Assessors Report on House Lots)
3-4-1929 (Selectmen not to sell Beach and Meadow Lots), Article 19 
3-2-1931 (Selectmen authority to sell wood and timber), Article 11 
3-6-1941, Art. 42- Town paying Real Estate Brokers for sell town beach and meadow lots)
1942 6-13 art. 49 (Selectmen authorized to sell beach and meadow lots)
Coast Guard Station established Ferry St & So River St. (sold) in 1976 To a Private Builder for a home. 1999 town is given the property, except the Tower (only) and is still going to be operated by the Coast Guard in Boston.
1945-1953 Bud’s Place opens 
Lobster Claw Restaurant owned by Phillips esplanade Breakers 1986 owned by Kang Yu ? Lobster Tail ? sold to?
1945 - 1972 
Mommy's Restaurant ( Harry & Helen Tigley ),1972 - 1975 Rita Jenkins owned Mommy's, 1975 - 1978 Arthur & Pats owned and ran Mummies in 1978 they changed the name to Arthur & Pat’s estaurant.
1946 Boat Ramp- Ridge Rd., Article # 25
1946 Water Pump Station- Parsonage St. # 2 (gone)
1946 Ways- Brant Rock acres was built.
1946 Seaview Garage & Gas Station- Summer St.
Water Pump Station- Furnace Brook # 2 Main St. Near- Old Town Hall, Armes House, Towns Tree Farm Station was rebuilt in 1990.
1947 Green Harbor Park started being developed
1947 5-5 
Selectmen/Planning Boards/Board of Survey M.G.L. C- 41, Sec. 81A – 81Y Acts of 1947 C- 340, Sec. 4 5-5-1947 Selectmen/Planning Board/Board of Survey M.G.L. C - 41, Sec. 81A – 81Y Acts of 1949 C - 182, Sec. 1, 2 4-18-1949 Slectmen/Planning Board/Board of Survey M.G.L. C- 41, Sec, 81L Acts of 1950 C - 50 2-3-1950 Selectmen/Planning Board/Board of Survey M.GL. C- 41, Sec. 81A – 81GG Acts of 1953 C- 674, Sec. 7, 7-4-1953 (See Amendments) at the planning boards office.
Sea Walls " Jetties " built between Webster Ave and the old Life Station.
Marshfield T V & Radio 1871 Ocean Street. now the Vacuum House.
Rockland Trust Co. took over the Marshfield Saving Bank at 1923 Ocean St. bank moved to Toabe’s Building in 1962. Bank moved to the old Lincoln Bank in1994.
1948 LaForest building was taken over by John & Olga in 1955.
1948 3-1 
Board of Survey, Article 16 M.G.L. C- 41, Sec. 73 - 81 War Memorial Park; Article 49 & 50 $17,000.00 (also see 1930 S. Baker-Wet Wash)
1952 Hubbards Cupboard built by Glen Hubbard and sold in 1959.
Roll-a-Skating Rink open by Vincent Cohee, burned in 1958 and rebuilt on Plain St as Family Skateland (1960).
Rexham Town Beach opened, purchased from the Sea River Association - see 1950
1952 Brant Rock Supermarket- Dyke Rd.
Fairbanks Park (B. Ware) this Park was paved over on a Sea Wall repair consecution job by the town.
1952 Blackman’s Trailer Park opened.1952-1977 Reeds Ark 52 Main Street.
1952 Marshfield Yacht Club (Ridge Rd) opened, enlarged in 1975, and 1985.
Bus Service of Marshfield (Boston) Plymouth & Brockton street railway company.
1953 Ways-Cedar Acres Rd, Dog Ln.
Ways- Map of 1953, all ways shown on the map are Official Town ways of the Town before the establishment of the first elected Planning Board
1953 Fire Station Co. #2 March 2, Article 25
1954 Ways - Derr Hill Ln.
1954 10-29 Grandfather clause on Zoning. Articles11, 12, 13, and16.
School- National Honor Society- established Guidance Department- established.
1954-1955 (School) 
So. River School was the only Elementary School in Town it was so crowded
the Town went to double sessions.
Fire Dept. took over the Old North School, for Fire Company # 2, originally was at the so west corner of Old Main St & Highland St, then to the Old Tree Dept. building next to the G.A.R. Hall
Betterments were accepted by the Town for the first time, before this all Ways, Roads / Streets, Water, were done with poll paying tax payers- Town Taxes, Grants from the State and todays .01cent per mile gas tax. (Poll Tax Ended in 1964) Article 53 C- 80, Sec. 1- 17
1955-1960 Barbershop (Clip Joint) Ferry St.
Water Pump Station - Furnace Brook # 3 (by Marshfield Inn) Re-built in 1993
1955 Cliff Rogers Consignment Shop- opened
1955 Way - Damon Point Rd was improved.
1956 1-23 Elected Planning Board- Established, Article 35 M.G, L. C- 41, Sec. 81A– 81GG (also see amendments) 1-23-1956, 5-15-1958, 12-29-1960 11-4-1964, 2-1-1967, 2-8-1968, 3-13,1972, 9-20-1973,7-11-1977, 10-4-1977, 11-25-1985, 6-27-88, 3-5-1990, 12-6-1993, 9-19-1995 at the Planning Boards Office.
Established Housing Planning Board of the Town- January 23, 1956 This Elected Board has complete control of Developments that is to be built in the Town.
Davenport's Dry Cleaners- Established were Mings is today. 1965 moved were Anton’s is today. Sold in 1984 and name was changed to Anton’s.
1956 Life Guards- established at Town Beaches.
1956 Maynards Fire Equipment Co. – 870 Main St.
1956 Town Pier & Bulkhead was started
1956 Green Harbor Tidal Basin started.
1956 Way- Joan Way
Fire Station built (So River St) old fire station is still on the rear of the building. An addition is now being built (1999) onto the 57 building.
1957 Council on Aging was- established.
1957-1998 A & W Root Beer Stand- opened.
Green Harbor Marina- opened Dyke Rd. 1962 sold to Lovell & White 1986 sold to Connolly 
Telephone Dial system starts in Marshfield in the new building on new Main St.
1957 - 1987 Henderson Bros. Plumbing & Heating Co. was in the old Peterson Store building.
Marshfield Drive in Cleaners - started in were Ming’s is today and moved (1964) opened at 668 Plain St.
1957 - 1990 Water Tank- Telegraph Hill 1990 new tank installed.
1958 Police Station (Ocean St.) opened June 28 th.
1958 -1960 Water Dept. was in the old Brant Rock School House on Dyke Rd.
1958 Welcome Wagon- established, later changed to Newcomers Club.
1958 Note; Route 139 zoned for business 2nd zoning changed-1965
1958 School- Adult Education established
1958 Murdock’s Pond was built by damming up the Marshland.
1958 Tingley’s Gas Station- opened.
Recreation Commission- establishes a five member board, 1973  commissioners went to a nine member board, and later decreased to a seven member board.
Leo’s Bakery opened Ocean St & Winslow St. by the old Drive-In. center opened in 1974.
1958 Ways- Napier Rd
1959 Funeral Home- Ocean Street (Macdonald)- opened (Ocean Street)
School- New High School built (Furnace Brook) replaces the old school at Main St. this school was planed in 1957 $ 1,685,000
1960 Population 6,748
1960 Lou’s Restaurant opened - 459 Plain St
Family Skateland opened - 790 Plain St Old rink was on Webster St built in 1950, and burned late (1958) Paul Pelland was the skating instructor, and later on in time the owner.
1960 Pantry Shelf - 472 Careswell St
1960 D.A.V. Chapter # 35 is in the old Brant Rock School.
1960 Brant Rock Fish Market (Hank Dunbar)- Ocean St.
1960 Green Harbor Yacht Club opened
1960 Pilgrim Trail Coach Inn
Mannix’s Stores opened Bud’s Beef & Fish Restaurant Bud’s Country Store Schofields Country Kitchen L & M Hardware & Sporting Goods Store Harborside Video Store L & M Sheet Metal Co. Denies Crowley owns this building today.
1960 Women’s Club established
Ways - Bourne Park, Indian Rd, Buttonwood Rd, Holly Rd, Cedar Rd, Boles Rd, CottonTail Ln.
Note: First major development in town (Southport) Ward & Johnson 199 Holmes were built the price range was 7 to 11 thousand dollars on 1/2 acre lots. Built on the old Harlow Farm 1907-1937, Chandler Farm 1937-1960. The Last Major Developments in Town were Abington Village, Webster Village, Marshfield Estates, Sec. A, One, Two and Three on Peregrine Whites Farm and Green Harbor Park back in the early 1900’s and Sunneyside Park late1800’s.
Ways Anderson Dr., Pierce Rd., Chandler Dr., Harlow Rd., Frisbee Rd., Gates Rd.
1960 Fire Dept. Co # 3 first ladder truck
Ways- Carr Rd., Woodlawn Circle, Prince Circle, (old Water Prince Gravel Pit.) On the Duxbury line.
Charter Commission established. (also see 1941 Town's Oranization Chart)
1960 North & South River Watershed Association- established
1960 Apartments Built - Royal Dane, Castle Green, Old Stage Stop Village
1960 Steeples School started on Highland St.
Town Dump opened (Clay Pit Rd) 40 acres- 23 acres landfill, 11 acres septic disposal. Waste Facility Station will open in the year 2000.(July1,)
1961 Conservation Commission established.
1961 Gerald Farms opened (Ocean St)
1961 School- Eames Way School opened (327) students, Principal Wayne Thomas
1962 Highway Barn built (Parsonage St) Ellsworth Williams Highway Supervisor 4/1957
1962 Plymouth Saving Bank- Stratton Avenue
Coast Guard Station purchased article # 48 $ 2,000.00 (Brant Rock) 1893 - 1915 was used as a Life Boat Station 1915 - 1947 was used as a Coast Guard Station. The town tore down the building in (1976).
Water Pump Station; Furnace Brook # 4 (Wheelers Pit and, Maynards fire area)
1963-4 Town Engineer- established, Aarticle?
1963 Curtis Farms Supermarket opened
Note; Route 3-Southeast Expressway opened joining the Expressway in Hanover to Kingston. (1965) This also changed the zoning on rte. 139 the second time.
1963 Ken Copeland & Sons Lumber Yard - 887 Plain St. Burned 1979 and 1989
1963 Fred Robert’s Real Estate, 2030 Ocean Street
1963 Way- Flaggler Dr.
1964 Tower- Coast Guard Tower was built (So River St)
1964 Bowling Alleys opened on Ocean St
1964 Marshfield Drive In Cleaners moved from pine acres to 668 Plain St
1964 Poll Tax- ended.
1965 Historical Commission established
1965 School- opened (Martinson Jr. High School)
1965 School- opened (Daniel Webster) Dec. 20 th.
1965 Way- Helena Rd.
1965 Population 10,176
Green Harbor Golf Club open -Manual Francis bought the land in 1965 (165) acres, front nine was opened, and in 1977 the back nine holes were opened.
Ways- Winslow Cemetery Rd, Statesman Terrace, Orchard Rd, Presidential Circle, Whitford Circle.
1966 Fire Chief Frank Simmons was appointed
1966 Ways - Gratto Rd, Tilden Rd
1967 David Gregory bought Martorana’s Chicken Farm (pine acres)
1967 Population 12,181
1967 Ways- Marshview Dr
Recreation Center- Webster St. opened 1973, land given to the Town (Kiwanes Club) 96 acres, by Allen R. Wheeler of Scituate to build a Recreation Center. 83 acres of the 96 acres, was turned over to the Conservation Commission leaving 13 acres of land and building that was transferred to the Town for a Recreation Center (1973) Recreation Commission took over Management of the property for Recreational purposes, the Youth Center, Little League Fields, Elderly Beano, Whist Parties, and Dances were head there. Recreation Center closed in 1975, because of Towns Funding.
1968 Gravel Pit Sylvester A. Ray (old Sand & Gravel Co)
1968 Plaza East Shopping area established
1968 Ways- Woodbine Rd.
1968 North River Art Society started Incorporated in 9/17/70
1968 Lincoln Trust Bank opened
School (Main St.) renamed Grace Ryder School. Also changed to Sr. Housing in 1981.
1968 Water Pump Station- So. River St. (off rail road bed)
1969 Ways- Pinehurst Rd, Flames Rd.
1970 3-14
Town Halls- (Snow Road) Art. ? 20 $ 698,605.00 Housing Authority established Art. 25 Selectmen / Assessor Art 26 By Law #41 no one person shall hold (2) offices.
Fox Run Apartments built- (27) building with 12 apartments in each building.
1970’s Green Harbor Basin committee formed.
1970 School- Governor Edward Winslow School opened Principals Leo Dawer 1970-1978 Frederick Hubbard 1979-1989 Enrollment 1970- 611 students.1970 Population 15,104
Ways- Parsons Walk, Howes Brook Way, Carpenter Ln., Oakleaf Dr., Eastwood Ln., Black Smith Ln., Pilgrim Trail, Pioneer Trail.
1970 Charter By Laws
Gravel Pits opened Latch Pit (old Bob Ames Pit) off Church St Ken Gauley Pit off So. River St, now cranberry cove.
1970 Friendlys Ice Cream Store opened, now Macdonlds on Ocean Street.
1970 3-14 Town Seal- Art. 56 also see 1640 and ect. On town seals.
1971 Apartments (Ocean St) framed and had to taken down in 1973
Old Town Hall at the Ventress building moves to New Town Hall at 870 Moraine Street and Snow Road.
1971 Ways- Snow Road, Liberty Rd
School Administration Offices are now in the old Town Hall on South River Street. Old Offices were in the Old High School (Furnace Brook School)
1971 Water Tank- Forest St.
1972 Road Commissioners ended- started 11-8-1919
1972 Gravel Pit By-Law established by (15) citizens of the town.
Ways- Homeland Dr., Eames Way, Carlolina Hill, Enterprise Dr, Seaflower Ln, Old Farm Rd, Atina Rd, Gotham Hill, Atwell Circle
1972 Angelo’s and the Webster room opened
Mariner News Paper build. 58 Main Street.(paper name Marshfield Mail)
1972 Water Pump Station- School St.
So. Shore Auto Parts (Napa)- Opened at 1804 Ocean St. In 1982 moved to building at 1853 Ocean St.
1972 Housing for the Elderly opened Winslow Village 64 units.
School- Addition to the Furnace Brook High School, which later became the High School of today. 1969 and in 1972 School Additions became High School on Forest St.
School- Old Furnace Brook High School now becomes the Furnace Brook Middle School (6th. grade only) Martinson Jr. High School now becomes Martinson Middle School (7 & 8 grades)
1973 School- Kindergarden started in Schools
1973 Elk’s Lodge # 2494 established
1973 Housing for the Elderly open Tea Rock Gardens 64 units.
1973 Traffic Lights installed (3rd set) at Route 139 and Route 3a.
1973 Beautification Committee established
Airport purchased as a Municipal Airport $ 30,000 along with 150 acres of land built in 1949 by Joseph Ford.
1973 Daniel Webster Masonic Lodge open at 412 Furnace St.
Selective Service Registration is now at the Marshffield Post Offices 111Snow Rowd . 12-2-1998 now you can e-mail forms.
1974 Ways- Captain Luther Little Way
1974 Dump- Commercial (Ray’s) off Clay Pit Rd
Leo’s Bakery opened in the center of town at Stratton Ave and Ocean St.- other store opened in (1958).
1975 Planting of 100 Cherry Trees along Snow Road
1975 Chrysler Garage (Anderson) move from Main St to 975 Plain St.
1975 Apartments- Pilgrim Trail 1801 Ocean Street
1975 Population 19,450
1975 5-3 Charter Adopted by the Town. (also see 1941Town's Organization Chart)
1976 Way Ladyslipper Lane
1976 Water Pump Station- Webster St. # 1 (black mount area)
1977 Nessralla’s Farm opened on Ocean St
1977 W. A. T. D. Radio Station Opens- November 28 th. Tower 200 feet
1977 Kingdom Hall built 255 Furnace St.
Transatlantic Balloon Flight " Double Eagle " took off from Wheeler’s Gravel Pit Sept. 9th.
Myles Standish Federal Credit Union open - 569 Plain St, first opened at Assumption Church Green Harbor.
1978 Talking Information Center (T.I.C.) started
1978 So. River Motel built on Old Plain St.
1980 Ways - Smoke Hill Ridge Rd, High Beacon Way
1980 Colonial Pharmacy opened.
1980 Population 20,412
1980 First National Store closes at Plaza East.
Development- Woodlawn Hills Ways – Pages Ln, Prince Rogers Way, Arrowhead Dr, Hampstead Way.
1980 Water Pump Station- Webster St. # 2 (across from philips house)
1980 Water Pump Station- Ferry St. (off railroad bed)
1980 Cable Television Commission established
1981 Guinness Book of Records printed 1983 for softball game.
1981 Housing for the Elderly opened in the old Grace Ryder School.
1981 - 1999 
Jackansons open in the old 5 & 10 cent store on Ocean St. Busieness stayed open under new management.
1981 Population 21,521
1981 Water Pump Station- Union St. # 1 (Gun Club area), re-buit in (1996).
1982 Apartments Housing for the Iindependent Living 780 Webster St.
Recreation Commission was nearly abolished because of lack of budget from the town, the budget was reduced and the programs and services were affected.
Concord Coach # 42 restored, work done by Edward Rouse Co of Louden, New Hampshire.
1982 Cable TV- Greater Media opens
1986 Adelphia Cable Co.
1982 Bridgeway Inn opens
1983 Town takes over Plaza East Shopping area.
1983 Water Pump Station- Church St. (old Latches Pit)
1984 Anton’s Cleaners took over the Marshfield Drive In Cleaners at 668 Plain St. 
1984 Snack Bar at town beach opened
1984 Ways- Birch Rd
1984 Ventress Library (Plaza East) Art.
1984 Population 21,980
1984 Dwyer Farm Purchased
Sons of Italy # 2345 opened - 870 Main St - old Maynard Fire Equipment building.
1985 V.F.W. Post # 8345 opened 655 Main St
1985 Way- Town Pier Road
1986 Water Wells (4) contaminated, (2) reopened in 1987
1986 Purity Supreme opened
Sculpture by George M. Greenamyer " Webster the farmer of Marshfield " at Ventress Library.
1986 Water Pump Station- Union St. # 2 (Gun Club area)
1986 Adelphia Cable Co. took over Greater Media
1987 Apartments Mariner Hill Dr (Comprehensive Permit)
1987 Tower- W.A.T.D. (2 nd.) 340 feet
1988 Ways- Valley Pastures along So River St, Fairways Edge Dr.
1988 The Maze was built at the high school field.
1988 School- Band went to Cotton Bowl (Dallas)
1988 Mariner News Paper opened at Enterprise Dr.
1988 Population 23,010
1989 Ways- Meghen Way, Andrew Ave
1989 Harbor Park and Parking Lot built. (Brant Rock) Way Town Pier Rd
Boys Scout, Troop 101, 51 boys, Troop 212, 24 boys, today there is 31 Cub Scout Troops and (200) boys.
1989 Park built on the old Brant Rock Dump (Peter Igo)
1990 Water By Law for Aquifer Protected by restricting Development.
1990 By-Law on House Apartments
1990 Senior Center opens Plaza East 2000- Plans for a new center for the future.
1990 Registered Voters- 13,810
1990 Water Tank - Telegraph Hill
1991 Registered Votes- 13,107
Bridge at Main St (Route 3A) is put up while a new bridge is built some time in 1993, but does not get started until the end of 1999.
1992 Registered Voters- 14,598
Thomas / Webster Estate is named to the National Register of Historic Places. 2000 is first year Camp Daniel Webster will not be held since 1950.
1993 Registered Voters- 14,031
1994 Humarock built sand dunes to help the area dunes cost $ 650,000.
1994 Registered Voters- 13,992
Community Newspaper Company takes over the Marshfield Mariner paper.
1995 Registered Voters- 13,832
Thomas / Webster Estate is sold to the Town as the Daniel Webster Preservation Trust is set up.
1996 Registered Voters- 14,002
1997 Registered Voters- 15,555
1998 Fire- Fairview Inn burns down, hopes to rebuild in the year of 2000.
1998 Registered Voters- 16,197
1998 Tower WATD (3rd) 460 feet
1998 Coast Guard Station (Ferry St.) is given to the town by the Coast Guard
1998 Water Pump Station- Spring St. (Old Fish Farm)
1999 Registered Voters- 16,867
1999 So. Shore / Child Care Center-opens 832 Webster St.
Grossman’s on route 139 closes ( taken down July-2000,for a Storage Building)
Historical Commission- Members, Cynthia Hagar Krusell, Betty Magoun Bates, Robert McCracken, Elizabeth A. Hall, James F. Mullen, Wlizabeth Laudermilk, Joan A. Scolponeti.

BY: ROBERT F. CHEESEMAN (781) 837-3709
JUNE 23, 1999


2000 Citizen of the Year - Mary Doolan

2-2000 Bagnell Auto Parts Store - 477 Plain St. opens new building.

3-2000 C.V.S. Drug Store - 1880 Ocean St. opens new building.

3-2000 Marshfield Tire Co. - 483 Plain St. opens new building.

4-2000 A Brookline Contractor (Merrill Diamond) purchases the following
Stores on Ocean St., Starting from Webster St. Papa Gino's, Ocean Walk
Photographers, Denny's Barber Shop, Marshfield Colonial Pharmacy, Toabe's
Hardware Store, Video Voice, Cumberland Farms Store, Rockland Trust, Hong
Kong Restaurant, and Stowing Seed Store.

4-00    Town voted to extend the Sewer line from Old Colony Lane to Moraine
To the Center of Town.

4-2000 Population- 25,200

4-2000 Registered Voters- 17,306

4-24-2000 Annual Town Meeting

4-24-2000 Revitalization of the Down Town Begins with Plaza East ATM Article
8  $100,000 approved. New Streets from Webster St. and Ocean St, installing
of sidewalks, and blocking off the exit from the parking lot to Webster St.
across from Snow Road.

4-24-2000 Memorial at the Coast Guard Station ATM Article 9 $10,000 was

4-24-2000 Ways accepted by the Town ATM Article 12
Street - Footage
Atlantic St. (Standish Rd. to Dead End) 317
Canonchet Trail (Pokanoket Lane, to Mounce Farm Way) 1,3880
Charlotte St. (Both Ways off Standish St.) 581
Columbia Road (Ireland St. to Pollard Rd./Ferry Hill Rd.) 1,290
Concord St. (Both Ways off Standish St.) 792
Cordwood Circle (Congress St. to Cul-De-Sac) 200
Dana St. (Ocean St. to Dead End) 196
Daniel St. (Linden Ave. to Ice House Lane.) 235
Edward Road (Careswell St. to Missouri St.) 1,478
Falcon Close (Quail Run to Cul-De-Sac) 630
Farmhouse Lane (Quail Run to Old Barn Pathe) 455
Gilbert Street (Both Ways off Standish St.) 792
Hartford Road (Country Way to the Ocean) 1,320
Heather Hill Drive (Pleasant St. to Dead End 994
Hidden Valley Road (Canonchet Trail to Accepted Section) 510
Ice House Lane (Barna Road to Cul-De-Sac) 860
Jedediah's Path (Main St. to Cul-De-Sac) 2,008
Mallard Road (Bayberry Rd. to Ridge Rd.) 710
Monitor Road (Surf Ave. to the Ocean) 565
Musket Road (Ocean St. to Dead End) 530
Newport Street (Both Way off Standish St.) 792
Oregon Road (Surf Ave. to the Ocean) 573
Parker Street (Both Ways off Standish St.) 845
Pokanoket Lane (Arrowhead Rd. to Cul-De-Sac) 1,115
Prince Rogers Waye (old to new Cul-De-Sac) 1,400
Quail Run (Forest St. to Prince Rogers Waye) 2,770
Richard Street (Both Ways off Standish St.) 536
Taft Road (Ocean St. to Musket Rd.) 637
Temple Road (Careswell St. to Missouri St.) 1,267

4-24-2000 WW-II Honor Roll ATM Article 24 $25,000 was approved.

4-24-2000 Land accepted as a gift to the Town ATM Article 25
Street - ID # - Value - Footage
California Street G12-14-05 $5,100 5,000 Sq. Ft.

4-24-2000 Conservation Land ATM Article 37 accepted by the Town
Street - ID #
Planting Field Road E09-01-30A

4-24-2000 Special Town Meeting

4-24-2000 Sewer Extension STM Article 1 $9.2 M Town voted to extend the Sewer
line from Old Colony Lane. To Moraine St. to the Center of Town.
Revitalization Plans for the Plaza East Area of the Center, and plans for a
new Senior Citizen Center was also approved 4-2000. A Brookline Contractor
(Merrill Diamond) purchases the following Stores on Ocean St., Starting from
Webster St. Papa Gino's, Ocean Walk Photographers, Denny's Barber Shop,
Marshfield Colonial Pharmacy, Toabe's Hardware Store, Video Voice, Cumberland
Farms Store, Rockland Trust, Hong Kong Restaurant, and Stowing Seed Store.

4-24-2000 Senior Center Preliminary Design Plans STM Article 2 $25,000

4-24-2000 Conservation Land STM Article 3 approved by the Town.
Street - ID # - Footage
Eames Way Lot 17-1, Plan of Land "Carolina Hills" Section by Whitman and
Howard Inc. 5 Acres +/-

4-24-2000 Schools STM Article 9 $23,300,000 for additions to the Furnace
Brook School and Martinson School.

5/2000 Sub-Divisions in the works-
Development tests on Shaw's property (Plain St. Route 139) 80-acres of land.
The name of the street is Commonwealth Ave., in a Sub-Division Plan that was
laid out in the 1897 and again in the 1900. " Sunny Side Park ". This Park
was laid out to have 1,359 House Lots, and 37 Streets, and is recorded at the
Registry of Deeds Office at Plymouth County.

Off Grove St. - 41 Houses

6-5-2000 Bank - Scituate Federal Savings opens branch office in Green Harbor
at Dyke Rd & Careswell Street.

6-30-2000 Dump (Town)- closed (Clay Pit Road)

July-2000 Marshfield's History Time Line.... Posted (see end notes 1) on the
net as personal notes of the Town of Bob Cheeseman "IN OUR PARENTS TIME" the
Town I grew up in. I wanted to share these notes with the general Public for
reasons I stated at the beginning of this page.

7/2000 Grossman's Bargain Outlet taken down for a new Storage Building. (634
Plain St.)

7-1-2000 Waste Facility Opened at old dumpsite on Clay Pit Road.

7-1-2000 Fire Department takes over the Town's Ambulance from the Private
Contractor (1985 to 2000), before 1985 the Police department ran the service.

7-13-2000 Jaime's Pub opened (Old Heaven Restaurant)

8/2000 Town Treasure, Nancy Holt was appointed.

8/2000 Dunkin Donut opened a new building at 968 Plain Street.

8/2000 Gas Station- on Ocean St. (Ben Carty's Citgo Station) being remodeled
for Rick's Deli - opened 3-26-2001

8-9-2000 Gas Station (1933 Ocean St.) In the Center of Town installs a new
canopy over the gas pumps.

10/2000 Veteran Agent Richard B. Martin was appointed.

11-13-2000 Special Town Meeting

11-13-2000 BY-Law STM Article 2 Indemnifications of certain Police Officers
and Firefighters.

11-13-2000 Conservation Land STM Article 13 approved
Street - ID # - Footage
Liberty Road J09-01-20 21,000

11/2000 Matt's Auto Service opens at 25 Main Street.

11/2000 The Fairview Inn 133 Ocean Street has started to be re-building with
the foundation already has been completed and hopes to open in the summer of

12/2000 Way- Preacher's Path has started in a housing Development off Plane

12/2000 Sewer Project started in the Rexham area of Town.

12/2000 Starbucks Coffee Shop opened at 784 Plain Street in the old Dunkin
Donut Shop.

12/2000 Celtic Knot opened at 93 Careswell Street (Old Brian's Place)

12-31-2000 Careswell Seafood closed at 1810 Ocean Street.

12-31-2000 Leo's Bakery closed at 1923 Ocean Street (Down Town)

Developments in the works:
Preacher's Path 6 House Lots off Plain St.
Enterprise Circle 1 House Lot off Enterprise Dr.


2-1-2001 Joseph's Hardware Store opens at 776 Plain St. (Old Blanchard's
Liquor Store)

2-24-2001 Family Fun Kut opened at 1923 Ocean St. (old Loe's Barkery)

2-26-2001 Auto Country Car Lot 2105 Ocean Street opens (Old A&W Root Beer
3-23-01 Hess Gas Station took over the old Gibbs Gas Station at 2149 Ocean St.

3-26-2001 Rick's Delicatessen Opened at 1810 Ocean St. (old Ben Carty's Gas

3-29-01 Recreation Dept. to move into the old Coast Guard Station at 900
Ferry Street.

4-1-01 Telephone Dialing, you now have to dial the area code when making
telephone calls.

4-12-2001 Bridge (R.R. Bed) over the So. River (Francis M. Keville)

4-18-01 Precinct 7 added to the town, it now has (1) 3,460, (2) 3,521, (3)
3,510, (4) 3,492, (5) 3,372, (6) 3,472, (7) 3,497

4-23-01 Annual Town Meeting

4-23-01 Town Charter Review -
Whereas, the Town of Marshfield Charter became effective on July 1, 1976;and
Whereas; the nature and scope of services provided by the Town has changed
significantly in the past twenty-five years; and
Whereas; a periodic review of the form of town government is necessary to
ensure maximum efficiency and accountability;
Be it resolved that the Board of Selectmen shall appoint a Charter/Bylaw
Committee to review the Marshfield Town Charter. The Committee will report
back to the Selectmen, by January 5, 2002, with it's recommendations, if any,
for changes to the Charter that it believes will increase the efficiency, and
accountability of town government. Any changes recommended by the Committee
will be presented to the April / 2002 Annual Town Meeting as proposed
amendments to the Charter.
4-23-01 Fire Department ATM Article 4 voted a new Ladder Truck, this will
replace the old ladder truck and a pump truck (Engine) $595,000. Truck
arrived in town in December and it cost $528,000.

4-23-01 Community Preservation Act - C-44B ATM Article 10) was approved,
Committee is to be made up of 9 members, 1 Conservation member, 1 Historical
member, 1 Planning Board member, 1 Recreation member, 1 Housing member, 4
members appointed by the Selectmen.

4-23-01 Bylaw Smoking ban was approved in town. ATM Article 11

4-23-01 WW-I I Honor Roll ATM Article 12 was approved $25,000 to permanently
installing the Honor Roll on the Towns Training Green.

4-23-01 Conservation Land ATM Article 17 Town accepted 2.09 +/- Acres on Blue
Heron Way.

4-23-01 Ways (Accepted by the Town) ATM Article 18
Abbey St. (both ways)
Arleita St. (both ways)
Barna Rd. (Canal St. to Dead End)
Billings Rd. (Ocean St. to Plymouth Ave)
Bow St. (Loop Off Old Main St.)
Copeland St. (Macker Terrace to Dead End)
Creek Rd. (Canal St. to Dead End)
Dog Lane (Loop Off Pleasant St.)
Jackson St. (Both Ways)
Landing Rd. (Careswell St. to Marginal St.)
Linden Avenue (Barna Rd. to Canal St.)
Minot St. (Standish St. to Ocean)
Olympia Rd. (Hartford St. east to Deaf End)
Parsonage St. (Ocean St. to Webster St.)
Peggy Lane (Elm St. to Allerton Rd.)
Phasant Lane (Marshview Dr. to cul-de-sac)
Roosevelt Rd. (Ocean St. to Plymouth Ave.)
Satucket Avenue (Plymouth Ave. to Dead End)
School St. (Old Main St. Extension to Plain St.)
Somerville St. (Wellington Ave. to Dead End)

4-23-01 M.G.L. - C-41, 41B ATM Article 28 was accepted by the Town (Payment
of Public Employee's by Direct Bank Credits)

4-23-01 Bylaws Amended - Mooring Regulation, ATM Article 29 Art. 32, sec 5

4-23-01 Land ATM Article 30, accepted as a gift to the town:
Street - ID. # - Value - Footage
Cohasset Ave. I11-04-03 $5,300 12,000 Sq. Ft.
Hanson St. I11-02-07 $3,000 6,000 Sq. Ft.
Essex Ave. G12-10-01 $5,000 4,500 Sq. Ft.
Steven Rd. L05-26-05 $5,300 5,200 Sq. Ft.
Walton Ave. M05-10-27 $6,500 10,157 Sq. Ft.
Meadow Brook Cir.L09-10-18 $5,900 11,148 Sq. Ft.
Steven Rd.   M05-05-18 $5,900 10,700 Sq. Ft.
(The above Properties to be added to the town's list of tax exempt properties)

4-23-01 Special Town Meeting

4-23-01 Senior Center STM Article 1 approved $3.4 M Webster St.) To
construct, equip, and furnish a new center.

4-23-01 Dump - Landfill Capping STM Article 7 $ 1,560 approved.

4-23-01 Airport Restoration STM Article 10 $80,000 approved to restore
Administration Building, Sewer System, and Building Access.

5-2-01 Bridge Way Inn - is sold by the Policari's to the Cocco family.

5-2001 Way - Route 130 (Ocean Street and Plain Street) was named the Korean
War Veterans Highway.

6-27-01 The Winslow House is listed on the National Register of Historic

7/ 2001 Subway Snow Road opened.

8-1-01 Community Preservation Act sends out the first 3% bill.

8-22-01 New Town Planner, Angus Jennings replaces Peter Wells.

9-11-01 America is attacked in N.Y.; Marshfield holds a candlelight vigil on
9-23-01 to remember the victims of the World Trade Center (Twin Towers)
America is at War in Afghanistan, operation Infinite Justice,
9-25-01-operation name was changed to Enduring Freedom, and 10-7-01 was the
first air attack.
9-5-2001 Marshfield Paint & Hardware Store opened at 1899 Ocean St. (old
Colonial Pharmacy)

9-6-01 Police Dept. gets new .40 caliber Semi Automatic handguns replacing
the .357 revolvers.

9-13-2001 Bridge (Route 3A North River) opens a New Bridge on Main Street,
1991 found the old bridge deteriorating, 1994 a temporary bridge was built
for 1.5 M and 270 feet long, 1999 The new bridge was started 5.7 M by
Middlesex Construction Co. of Taunton. The new bridge is 17 feet higher then
the old bridge 550 feet long and has 6 feet sidewalks.

9-30-01 Wireless Broadband System - first high speed system (11 Mbps on the
South Shore) installed on the W.A.T.D. Antenna on Grove St. (Dan Metcalf,

10-29-01 Special Town Meeting

10-29-01 Schools STM Article 2 $925,000 approved to up grade the fire alarm
systems in the High, South River, Eames Way, Governor Winslow, and Daniel
Webster School's. Also to install close-circuit surveillance camera's within
the Marshfield Public Schools.

11-15-2001 Fairview Inn opens after a fire.

11-23-01 Airport re-names the airfield to the George Harlow Field.

12-3-2001 Revitalization of Plaza East of the Down Town begins.

12-10-2001 Backside Beastro Restaurant opened Webster Square Old Mulligan's,
Webster St. Grille, and Boston Pub)

12-23-01 This is the 101st anniversary of the very first time that voice was
conveyed by radio wave. It was the prelude to the world's first radio
broadcast, which took place on Christmas Eve from Brant Rock in 1906...
Reginald Fessenden was under contract to the U.S. Weather Service in the year
1900 at Cobb Island, Maryland where he was working on a better way to
transmit and receive spark messages so as to cause an efficient radio
telegraph weather reporting network. Towards the end of the year he had
established a two-way circuit between Cobb Island and Arlington, Virginia. As
for the experimental phase he had set up two, fifty-foot masts, one mile
apart for signal strength measurements. Since voice radio was not part of his
contract, he was to be found experimenting on his own time and had figured a
crude way to impress voice upon the spark signal. A problem to overcome was
the noise that the interrupter which caused the spark transformer to emit the
damped waves into the aerial being within the audio range. On the snowy
afternoon of the 23rd. nearing dark he wound up the steam jenny which drove
the generator and set his helper, Mr. Thiessen to monitor the new, efficient
detector which required only 1/500th as much energy to cause reproduction of
the radio signal as the coherer. They had a wire telegraph set up between
them and as Reg spoke into the microphone:
" One, two, three, four, Is it snowing where you are, Mr. Thiessen? If it is,
telegraph back and let me know."

Thus the first radio voice message in the world had been sent beyond earshot
and sight and received, similar to the telegraph spark version of Marconi's
letter 'S' which had previously been sent which was the world's first
telegraph radio message.

In his log reads:

' This afternoon, here at Cobb Island, intelligible speech by electromagnetic
waves has for the first time in the world's history been transmitted.'

He went on to Roanoke Island, N.C. to further improve his craft near the same
location and time where the Wright brothers were getting ready to make the
first flight. He terminated his employment with the weather service when the
head of it tried to shake him down and control his patents. At this point he
had over 200 patents to his credit.

Reg had known by theory back in 1899 that an interrupter, which made more
that 10,000 breaks per second would be necessary to separate the 'wail' of
the spark generator away from the voice.

Thereafter he set up shop at the Brant Rock section of Marshfield,
Massachusetts where the first voice was heard across the Atlantic and the
world's first radio voice broadcast took place along with many radio patents
such as heterodyne, the loop antenna and tuned circuits. He ended up with
over 500 patents.

A major find was to replace the damped waves of the spark transmitter with
sine waves as used today and which was accomplished with the Alexanderson
alternator after due trial, strict examination and improvement.

Ref: 'Radio's First Voice' by Ormond Raby

'Fessenden, Builder of Tomorrows' by his wife Helen

12-24-01 The 95th. Anniversary of the World's First Radio voice Broadcast. It
was really something and many in town worked there back then. He ended up
with 500 patents and there is much gold in his wake in the form of forgotten
ways of doing things electronic, magnetic, etc.
The Broadcast was actually a face saving stunt as the backers were coming to
see the demo of voice across the pond to Scotland, however a storm blew down
the tower over there and Fessenden came up with a quick fix and had all
receivers on ships and land tuning for him @ 9PM on Christmas Eve. It was the
first aired transcription too. Everybody in the program 'froze up' when it
came his or her turn to speak so Fessenden did it all. I knew an old timer
from Rockland in the 50s who heard that broadcast.
More info @ www.radiocom.net/Fessenden and his American, Entrepreneurial ways
that cause solid futures...

Developments in the works:
Off South River St.
Off Ferry St. 30 houses are planed.
Ocean St. (Old Drive Inn Site) 198 Apartments are planed.
Careswell St. at the Duxbury line 100 houses is planed.
Route 139 Plane St. & Old Plane St. was changed because of Development in
that area.

12-2001 (2) new Streets are built in Plaza East Areas near the Ventress


Bill Stanton is Citizen of the Year for 2001

Osco Drug Store changes Name to Brooks Pharmacies 1900 Ocean St. This is the 2 ND. Store, the first was next to the First National Store at Plaza East.

Adelphia Cable Co. finished fiber optic upgrade in the Town of Marshfield and offers high speed Internet Access to customers.

Mamma Mia's 928 Plain St. Opens

New Phone Books for just the Town was delivered today, it has been a long time that Marshfield had it's own Phone Book. The last book was in 1994 done by the Rotary Club of Marshfield. This book was done by: Virtual Graphics of Marshfield.

Registered Voters: (17,288)
4,811 Democrats
2,762 Republicans
9,609 Uninvolved
(2001 Town Report)

Population: 25,200
(2001 Town Report)

Plain St. - Perfection Fence started clearing their property for their new building.

Phillips 66 Gas Station - Work as to removing under ground pipes is being done, the gas tanks were removed some time ago.

Cit-Go (Texaco) Gas Station is going to be re-modeled Ocean St, and Main St. at the corner of 3A and 139. Build was taken down 8-8-2002.

April 22, 2002 - Annual Town Meeting:

ARTICLE 15 Will the Town vote to act upon the recommendations of the Community Preservation Committee and to expend, or set aside for later expenditure, certain sums of money from the Community Preservation Fund established pursuant to Chapter 44B of the General Laws, as follows, or take any other action relative thereto:

Daniel Webster Homestead - Webster Street
$183,000 to acquire from the Town a Preservation Restriction, as defined in G.L. c.184, s.31, and after such restriction has been recorded in the Plymouth County Registry of Deeds, to rehabilitate and/or restore the building on said property.

Clift Rodgers Library - Pleasant Street
$29,199 to acquire from the record owners of the Clift Rodgers Library property a Preservation Restriction, as defined in G.L. c.184, s.31, and after such restriction has been recorded in the Plymouth County Registry of Deeds, to provide the remaining funds as a grant to the Trustees of the Library to be used to rehabilitate and/or restore the building on said property.

Town Green - Town Hall Front (THIS DID NOT PASS)
$30,000 to acquire from the Town a Preservation Restriction, as defined in G.L. c.184, s.31, and after such restriction has been recorded in the Plymouth County Registry of Deeds, to install fencing around the Town Green.

Skate Park - Intersection of Ocean and Webster Streets
$26,850 to install a landscaped buffer around the town parking area at the intersection of Ocean and Webster Streets in conjunction with the construction of a recreation area on that site funded from other sources.

Set Aside- Open Space
$54,650 to be set aside, held in the Community Preservation Fund, and spent in FY2003 or later years for acquisition, creation or preservation of open space, and for the rehabilitation and/or restoration of open space acquired under the Community Preservation Act.

Set Aside - Community Housing
$54,650 to be set aside, held in the Community Preservation Fund, and spent in FY2003 or later years for the creation, preservation and support or community housing, and for the rehabilitation and/or restoration of community housing acquired under the Community Preservation Act.

Administrative Costs - Community Preservation Committee
$25,500 to defray the administrative and operating expenses of the Community Preservation Committee.

And further will the Town vote to authorize the Board of Selectmen to execute and record in the Plymouth County Registry of Deeds Preservation Restrictions, as defined in G.L. c.184, s.31, on the Daniel Webster Homestead property.

ARTICLE 16 Will the Town vote to reduce the Community Preservation Act from 3% to % of one percent. From the ballot question on April 28,2001 of the ATM of April 23, 2001, or take any other action relative thereto. (THIS DID NOT PASS)

ARTICLE 21 Will the Town vote to accept the following streets as Town ways as laid out by the Board of Public Works according to the plans and description on file in the Town Clerk's Office, and to authorize the Board of Public Works to take by eminent domain all necessary interests in real estate as shown on said plans, with no land damages to be paid by the Town or take any other action relative thereto:


Chickatawbut Avenue (Ocean Street to Plymouth Avenue)
Cohasset Avenue (Eagle Road to South River Street)
Damon's Point Drive (Summer Street to Damon's Point Rd)
Eagle Road (Cohasset Avenue to Dead End)
Eastward Lane (Damon's Point Road to Dead End)
Elderberry Lane (Ocean Street to Dead End)
Fox Hill Circle (Loop off Windsor Lane) *
Gibson Terrace (Boles Road to Dead End)
Guidepost Path (Loop off Valley Path) *
Harding Road (Roosevelt Road to Dead End)
Harlow Road (Anderson Drive to Anderson Drive)
Hillcrest Road (Canonchet Trail to Hampstead Way) *
Hutchinson Road (Plymouth Avenue to Ocean Street)
Hyde Way (Ireland Road to Dead End)
Kentucky Street (Bay Street to Duxbury line)
Metacomet Way (Extension to Valley Path)
Olive Street (Ocean Street west to Dead End)
Philips Farm Road (Telegraph Hill Road to Eagle Road) *
Puritan Lane (Winslow Street to Town Way)
Redbrick Farm Road (Pilgrim Trail to Dead End) *
Rexhame Road (Nevada Street to Circuit Avenue East)
Ridge Road (Bayberry Street to Ferry Street)
Sandy Hill Drive (Plain Street to Plain Street)
Stonybrook Road (Telegraph Hill Road to South River Street) *
Telegraph Hill Road (Extension to Eagle Road) *
Winthrop Drive (Homestead Avenue to Dead End)
* Planning Board Roads
Streets: (Were taken off the list)
Laura's Lane (Grove Street to Cul-de-sac) *
North Street (Ocean Street to the ocean)
Paddock Way (Oak Street to Cul-de-sac) *
Porter Street (Standish Street to the ocean)

ARTICLE 22 Will the Town vote to transfer certain tax possession parcels of the town-owned land located as follows:

a. On Springfield and Waltham Streets - one parcel comprising 5100 sq.ft. +/- on Assessor's Map G12 as G12-11-6.
b. On Somerville St. - one parcel comprising 8000 sq.ft. +/- on Assessor's Map I10 as I10-5-8.
c. On Lexington St. - one parcel comprising 4000 sq.ft. +/- on Assessor's Map I11 as I11-9-9.
d. On Shipyard Rd. - one parcel comprising 3.9 acres on Assessor's Map I14 as I14-5-15.
e. On Ferry St. rear - one parcel comprising 6400 sq.ft. +/- on Assessor's
Map I15 as I15-11-30.
f. On Old Ferry St. rear - one parcel comprising 9345 sq.ft. +/- on Assessor's Map I15 as I15-11-31.
g. On Texas St. - one parcel comprising 4000 sq.ft. +/- on Assessor's Map I11 as I11-23-2
h. On Careswell St. - one parcel comprising 5.52 acres +/- on Assessor's Map K3 as K3-2-3.
i. On Heather Road - one parcel comprising 4080 sq.ft. +/- on Assessor's Map L9 as L9-4-3.
j. On Island Street rear - one parcel comprising 36,000 sq.ft. +/- on Assessor's Map N7 as N7-2-11.
k. Five parcels of land on Assessor's Map G12 in block 17
1. G12-17-3 on Lawrence Rd. comprising 3000 sq. ft. +/-
2. G12-17-4 on Lawrence Rd. comprising 4860 sq. ft. +/-
3. G12-17-5 on Lawrence Rd. comprising 4320 sq. ft. +/-
4. G12-17-6 on Lawrence Rd. comprising 3510 sq. ft. +/-
5. G12-17-7 on Lawrence Rd. & Lynn Street comprising
11,725 sq. ft.+/-
l. South River marsh - one parcel comprising 3.5 acres called by Assessors U00-00-18.
to the care, custody and control of the Conservation Commission for all purposes included in Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 40, Section 8c, as it now reads or may hereafter be amended or take any other action relative thereto.

ARTICLE 24 Will the Town vote to authorize the Selectmen to accept the following parcel of land as a gift to the Town:
Parcel ID Location Value Lot Size
LO5-31-05-BCareswell Street$11,20024,990 SF

5 - 2002 Sewer 2000 started here in Town.

Captain Mack's Seafood 1810 Ocean Street opens in the old Caswell's Seafood Building.

Key West Tanning opened at Plaza East
Hearth &Yard Closed on ? Ocean Street (Fed Corp. moved in as an office for the sewer project of sewer-2000.

Flag Pole Towns Training Green (third) A new Flag Pole was installed at Ocean Street and Moraine Street, donated by Dunkin Donut Company $ 7,500 and the Marshfield Historical Commission.

The Old Flag Pole was moved and installed at the Marshfield Hills Cemetery.

May 25, 2002
WW-II Honor Roll is re-establish on the Town's Training Green after being missing for 43 Years. The old one came down and was never replace in 1959.
Dedication of this new Honor Roll will be on Memorial Day Monday May 27, 2002

New Building Inspector John Lennon

July 2002
Rally on the Town Training Green - Residents rally against state housing statute chapter 40B

Keville Footbridge was closed because of ADA violations.

Beacon Apartments (180) was approved on Ocean Street at the old Dive In Site.

American Pie closed in the down town area to make room for a new lager supermarket there.

Selectmen approve appealing the Beacon Apartment 40B project on Ocean Street.

New Truck Maintenance Facility - ? Plain St.
The rubbish hauler is "Waste Solutions, Inc." rubbish hauler currently from Norwell. Has management & billing office space in the front half of the building. A waste transfer facility was attempted after their approval for a truck maintenance facility, but was rejected.

The Sullivan Tire facility is proposed at ? Plain St. (East of Dunkin Donut / Mamma Mia Restaurant)

The Town approved the following articles:

Articles I through 4 - The purpose of these articles is to create a Planned Mixed-Use Development district that would enable the Town to guide development on several tracts of land on Plain Street. If adopted, this article would:

Provide an opportunity to comprehensively plan a large tract of land in a pedestrian friendly, campus-like setting, around a public green.

Ensure high quality site planning, architecture and landscape design to create a distinct visual character and identity for the development that provides an environment with safety, convenience and amenity.

Ensure any potential traffic impacts of the planned mixed-use development are properly mitigated and in keeping with the character of the Town of Marshfield.

Generate positive tax revenue, while providing the opportunity for new business growth and additional local jobs.

Article 7 - Will the Town vote to set aside $15,000 from Community Preservation Fund for the purpose of providing consulting or other professional service to the Marshfield Local Housing Partnership in support of community housing. -Community Preservation Committee

Article 9 - Will the Town vote to raise $100,000 for legal costs and related expenses arising out of the Beacon Company 40 B development. -Board of Selectmen

Article II - Will the Town vote to amend the General Bylaws: no fences, gates or other structure or obstruction may be constructed or maintained on of over seawalls. -Board of Selectmen

Article 13 - Will the Town vote to accept Chapter 60 23B, Certificate of Liens, Fee Schedule. - Treasurer/Collector

Article 18 - Will the Town vote to accept the following parcels as gifts of land to the care, custody and control of the Conservation Commission: Constitution Road Kl1/24/04 and Off Paddock's Way.

Article 19 - Will the Town vote to rename the street in Town known as Town Pier Road to Joseph Driebeck Way.

Shaw's Supermarket closes this building and is going to be taken down and a new Supermarket building will be built in the downtown area.

Dunkin Donuts 1862 Ocean St. also closes for remodeling and also to add a Baskin Robbins ice cream counter.

New Persian Gulf War Plaque was placed in Town Hall.

11- 2002
Airport Pizza & Sub Shop 1249 Ocean St. closes for remolding and will re-open as Santoro's Pizza Shop.

Reginald A. Fessenden - First radio broadcast from Blackman's Point was 96 years ago.

Santoro's Pizza & Sub Shop 1249 Ocean St. opened.

First Stop Coffee Shop will be closing.

Development of the Town:
Metuxet Woods - Ferry Street (Off Pearls Connor)
8-27-2002 Beacon - Old Drive In site on Ocean Street
Webster Point (AKA Duck Hill) - Careswell Street at Duxbury Line.
New Zoning changes for Roche Bros. Supermarket - Plain Street
New Zoning for an Ault Zone - Enterprise Drive
New Shaw's Supermarket - Webster Square
Perfection Fence Company - Plain Street
New Office Building - Plain Street
Lucchetti's - 659 Plain Street added a parking lot to there business.
Sullivan Tire Co. - Plain Street was approved
Compass Banks - Wants to build on Plain Street.
Senior Center - Started building off Webster St.
Skate Park - Webster Street was approved.
Boys and Girls Club was approved to lease space at Plaza East.

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