Operation Deep Freeze was an effort to open and understand the great white continent of Antarctica... From Admiral Byrd's early expeditions through Operation High Jump to Operation Deep Freeze, the Navy was there and here are some samples of true grit and adventure... Enjoy!

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The Penguins are heavy and making the scene.  These pages are dedicated to the Puckered Penguins of  the United States Navy Aviation Squadron VX6. late of the Antarctic and to all of the OAEs who pioneered the opening of Mother Earth's last unknown Continent....  Antarctica...    

What is an OAE? by JOC Jungle Jim O'Leary, USN, ret.
Cyber Skipper
- Meet our CO  Capt. Buz Dryfoose
Cyber XO -
Cdr. Billy Penguin
VX-6 throughout the years.....Noel Gillespie 
VX-6 Roots in 'Operation High Jump'
OAEA's - 'Old Antarctic Explorers' assn.

Save the Herks... Ongoing discussion and effort

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   Memorial to our fallen Deep Freeze Brothers

Here are some pages of Antarctic Lore.. Enjoy...
'Operation Deep Freeze' - U.S. Navy - 1954-1999

Roy Crane created the 'BUZ SAWYER' comic during WW2. Buz did some duty in VX-6 and here is the intro strip... More to follow...

More Buz Sawyer adventures here...
Some background of Buz Sawyer as created by Roy Crane
Update concerning the 'Russian' passenger 

Includes VX6 Airdales-Marines-Blackshoes-SeaBees-Coasties  and all who love the penguin...

Newseum Archives... ( real stuff )

Sanitation in the early days 
by "Curly" Olds
Nuts and Bolts Early difficulties by
“Curly” Olds
oastys in Deep Freeze starting with Operation HighJump   
Scott Polar
Reaearch Institute commendation..Brian Shoemaker

Byrdcloth Parka - History and development by Buz Dryfoose
Polar Grid Navigation..
an explanation and overview by Bob Nyden
Aspects of Aviation in Antarctica - Jungle Jim O'Leary

Operation High
Jump... Noel Gillespie

Amazing man .....our most senior OAE
Time Line .. RD and the pace makers
Wintering Over Ice stories.....  'Over'
A Toast
  from the flying class of 63

Radio Station, 'Over', all over.
RNZAF  Wigram Station..Farrell Whitney  
Pensacola VX6 aircraft ...... Jim O'Connell 

Max Conrad
  Antarctic flyover..  Bill  Ace
The Reading Room, Whitney and the out-housers.
Arctic  Ice Island T3 and C-130 #320.. Art Herr   

Skippers debriefing in the ready room.. Capt. Morris
Setting the record straight.. Noel Gillespie, our ZL OAE
Its Cold outside.. Wilsheduit? A new age HMO saga 

light Crews of yester-year... ( more real stuff )

LennieB... goes to Byrd Station
Parachute Jumpers of VX-6.... Almost, by Buz Dryfoose
Antarctic Sea Story by Rafael (Ralph the Mexican) Melendez
Sopwith Camel
in VX6......Buz Dryfoose
Ode to the R4D - Goonie Birds....Billy Ace
Six Minute flight - Dynomite!!..  another Buz job
Cdr. Jim Waldron's
Scrap Book
Charlene  The Ice Taxi   
Otters  UC-1...Aircraft in a box
  RotorHeads of MacTown
R4D    221 Christchurch Det-B now @ Ferrymead  
R4D    Que Sera Sera, first to the South Pole 
R4D    Marine Corps ( VX6 ) version   Buz
P2V     439 In memorium from Wilkes Station
R7V    644 The Superest Connie
    624 The Survived Connie
C130   320 via Puenta Arenas, Chile,  Tom Dunn
C130   318 Aussie-Pole-Byrd-McMurdo,  DFSoupy
C130   917...The final flight of 917 as seen at the Pole

Savored Ice Stories of a bygone era..
even more real stuff but with a twist! )

No More Skua.. No more......  Joe Hawkins
Ghost RTTY messages from Carl Disch as told by Billy Ace ( spooky )  
Old Moe - For medicinal purposes only...
The 3000
pound SeaBee...Buz...
The Radio Watch...by Billy-Ace
HeloBrew....Executive decisions... Kool Karl....     
          Getting Stuffed... A renamed, fairly true story of same...Billy Ace... 
               Skippers Reflections....Tales of a 'shrinking' Antarctic.
   As told by Buz Dryfoose, our 'Cyberspace Ice Skipper'
Corpsman - Corpsman,  "Save my Medals...!!.."
     They called
the wind... Herbie??? 
attack McMurdo Runway...help is on the way...Mr. Billy 
               Penguin  tracks on ice... Hey Mort, ave ya seen me penguin?  
Rock Talk  James O'Connell Geological Society..
       Remembering way back, reflections of OAEs
           Scuttlebutt ,other truths and yarns by the penguins
                Hercs vs 141s.. More ringing truisms.. 
Real Penguin 'Pro' story.. Vice Adm Viktor Tallin..
           Dark and Stormy night, Billy Ace Penguin Baker..
               Strictly Routine Al Lishness ( needs midi )
Retired Pete fiasco.. 
     Goober Beer on Ice.. The Tang for lunch Bunch...
                         Mail from one of Pete's kids..
Blackshoe connection, Dave Riley..
     Archibald by Max Hitch ( rip )..
          VX6 Battery Additive..
               R4D Cannonball Flying Machine, Al Lishness..
How I got to VX6 and Rain Barrels, Dick Andersen..

     Pilot VX6 Enlisted Pilot heritage, Ray Berger..
VX6end March 99 news piece in local fish wrapper.

 Pete's Picture Review..

Sam and the Huskys..Original Antarctic Comic
Last Pete
on the Ice
on the hill
SP-90 Antarctic license Plate
Last VX6 C-130 off the ice
OAE's gather round 321 at Pt. Mugu 3-99
In-Ground pool at McMurdo

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  Task Force 43, 'SP-90' auto plates are available for $15.00 from:
      Ron May
      6897 Phillips Pkwy N.
      Jacksonville, Fl. 32256

Cdr. Jim Waldron has prepared a CD containing his thirty chapter book entitled, 
"The Flight of the Puckered Penguins," plus over 150 color photographs. The book and the photos detail Cdr. Waldron's flying experiences during his sixteen months on the Antarctic Continent. 
Full details are on his page, Jim Waldron's Scrap Book

Glacier Society U.S.C.G. Ice Breaker restoration project...

Captain Morris' literary pages...   
Billy-Ace Penguin Baker, RMC, USN Ret. web pages...
Bill Spindlers Antarctic Pages...  
 Ethan Dicks Penguin Central Pages... 
Christchurch, N.Z.  Airport

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